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This tutorial was created by mr.ivan. hope you can get something out of it!

Introduction to Western Union Carding:

These are the essentials for the Western Union card!

1.Fresh credit card or Fullz contain DOB, SSN and MMN and other things

2.Socks, Proxy. Get VIP72 or type in the word “socks5 proxy” into Google and you will get many Of them ? 3. RDP/VPN

Fullz example and this is what it looks like:


Patronymic: L.

Last name: MILLS

Payment address: 26 MAIN ST.


Status: MA

Postcode: 01235

Country: USA

Телефон: 413-685-8195

Credit card information : *********

Card type: credit

Credit card number: 429470193003831

Exp. Date :

Name on the map: BARBARA L.

Cvv2: 677


Mother’s maiden name: WALTON

Social Security Number: 028-42-4621

Birthday: 20

Birth Month: 04

Year Born: 1950

How to top up your Western Union account:

1. Suppose I live in Russia and wanted to send money to another country !!

2. So, let’s start looking for US or UK CC !!!

3. Suppose you have a map. And here’s a map

Card type: credit

Credit card number: 4294701930038344

Exp. Date: January 1, 2012

Name on the map: BARBARA L.

Cvv2: 677


Bins name: Greylock F.C.U. CREDIT CLASSIC USA Pittsfield, Massachusetts

4. Which bank is good and which card is best to use is the main question, so I’ll tell you!

USA Chase Bank





Bank of France or so on

5. Now first change the proxy and socks With the card you get

6. Suppose you get a U.S. bank card. Then the state of California. Find California socks and change your proxy.

7. After the proxy change is now open: Western Union / Money Transfer website

8. The website will find your proxy and automatically open the US page for you. If not, select USA.

9. On the right they will ask you to send from the zip code, so choose the zip code you get in the copy


Patronymic: L.

Last name: MILLS

Name of spouse :

Father’s name:

Paying address: 26 Main St.

City: Hinsdale

Status: MA

Zip code: 01235

Country: USA

Телефон: 413-685-819

10. Postcode = 01235 Specify this on the postcode of the card and on the amount you want to send. Try to reduce first select 100 and then select your country, i.e. Send to country: specify your


11. The next page will open and they will ask

Online Credit Card Minute to Minute Pay Agent Select Internet, then select credit card and per-minute

12. They will tell you the approximate fees

13. And now for the most convenient registration process.

14. Now fill in the form first name, last name, address, phone number, city, state, country, which should be the same as on your card.


Patronymic: L.

Last name: MILLS

Name of spouse :

Father’s Name :

Payment address: 26 MAIN ST.


Status: MA

Zip code: 01235

Country :

Phone number in the United States: 413-685-8195

15. Put the same on the registration form. When you fill it out, they will ask you to register by email.

16. So enter your email address, then your username and password. Click continue.

17. The next part is the recipient’s name and country.

18. So enter the country and name and click continue Now enter the control question, answer and continue

19. Now enter the control question, answer and continue

20. You will receive the following confirmation message or a detailed preview of your registration page if you are satisfied, then select OK and confirm if that

21. You’ll get the message!

Congratulations, Mr….

Here’s your MTCN, ready by the minute 1234567890

MTCN is always 10 digits long! So congratulations if you get this

22. If you find an error, for example, Western Union will verify you by phone or using your ID card. Then you are still lucky, and you If you find an error, for example, Western Union will verify you by phone or using your ID card. Then you’re still lucky, and you’ll need 3 things:

Full biography of cardholders

This is because if you are going to try to transfer anything over $100. they will ask you various questions such as your previous address, social security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, your middle name, the bank that issued your credit card, etc. D. To get this information, you need to go to a website like pipl.com, and it’s free.

Spofer and call forwarding

You will need this because western union will think you are a scammer if you are not calling from the cardholder’s phone number, so you must use a phone spoof service to make the caller ID in western union come up with the cardholder’s phone number. Basically fool western union into thinking your call is from the cardholders home. The voice changer comes with a phone spofer service, and you need this obviously so your own voice is not recorded in case of an investigation, and also if you are male and using a female cc to get money from WU, you will want to change your voice to sound like a female.

IP phone system/voice changer

This is what you will need because the phone spoofing service blocks 1800 numbers or any toll-free phone number. You can only dial 10-digit numbers using phone spoofers, so you need to get a call forwarding service, so when you call a 10-digit number from a call forwarding service, it will be forwarded to western union. I’ll give you some link here for free


Internet phone service

If you are in Europe, this is necessary because it will cost you too much to use the spoofing and call forwarding service, and it is also untraceable.

You can call Skype or something else. If your card phone number is : 413-685-8195 it is, then forward it to your number, once you forward it VU will call the phone number : 413-685-8195 and you will get it


your next step is to get past the ID card

Google. com and download a free PSD For Credit Card and edit it using Photoshop

If WU redirects you to the bank’s website, don’t worry, put a safe code and it will pass by !

23. Once you’re done, you’ll get an MTCN no, and you’re done!!!

https://forum.******.in/profile/82459-mrivan/ -Author of the article on expere

kohls cc phone

best cvv sites 2021

The most important negative side of helping is that the more people know about an activity in carding, the more damage it does to the field as a whole. Answer yourself one question, do you need competitors? Why do you need more and more people to find out what you know, even if it is just a little part of it. If you are any good at science you can build a mathematical model of a good old fashioned pyramid scheme, if in the form of a fucking fund or an MMM company a pyramid scheme will look like this in the beginning:


and then like this: https://matr1x.info/verified/2a.jpg

While the conditional pyramid of one topic or another in carding will change from


к https://matr1x.info/verified/2b.jpg

That is, the layer of newcomers does not strengthen the base, pushing the one who came up to the top, but on the contrary spreads along the bottom, eventually forcing the conditional organizer to go lower and lower and then to the bottom – this moment is commonly called a “dead theme”.

The second, not unimportant point is that helping newbies breeds scammers. How? Very simple. We have 2 ways of preventing newbies. 1 st is the one who does not want to do anything and immediately decided to rip 2 nd is the one who wanted to do something and knew everything in theory, but in practice, he cheated. How to spot a scammer if you have doubts about the person – the first and most important is incompetence. You ask him leading questions about his service and when he cut once or twice sends him screwed. Right? So pass the first barrier to cut off ripak helps section of our forum or any other similar forum, he just gets the information ready (regardless of its category, ie it gets it in order to work or immediately for the purpose of fraud – it does not matter) and then uses not as intended =). The second barrier – it’s feedbacks, well here again it helps a penny from the first ditch for 4-5 asks beautiful and insanely fluder logins on the forums. At the content of posts people look rarely (especially if there are more than 100 is difficult) look at the count. And where the newcomer can flub so that not to rub for stupidity? In each topic on 5 kopecks, but most of these themes occurs precisely in the section to help newcomers, because the elementary questions are easier to answer and support the conversation. Well and then you trustingly transfer money to faggot and he repeats the procedure of assek and registration already with a profit.


Here are the main points of my conversion =) No offense if I offended anyone undeservedly, but my opinion is summed up: If you are a beginner you will understand everything sooner or later, with help faster, without help slower but you will understand and work. If you don’t understand at all, then you either don’t need it or you are a dolboy – you don’t need those in carding.) And if you already know and know something and are able to make some money, then how to use this information is up to you, but if after reading this analysis you haven’t doubted in silliness of wasting information – then you probably belong to that category, which “don’t need in carding (see above)”. And I do not give any more useful advice and I ignore all with requests and stupid questions. If you really need help, I’m always glad to listen to you on ICQ – but if you’re lazy asshole then add yourself into ignor yourself, I have an expensive mouse, reduce wear and tear on clicks =)))))%

best cvv sites 2021

detailed configuration of the HAT in the var.” debit card dump

I’ll be brief. Not for the award of the year. Article specifically for those who never got VMware to work after reading Ortego’s article.

In the article, I will explain in detail where to poke to get VMware to work through the host. I won’t go back to what’s already written and how to install.

And so you’ve installed VMware, XP, soxchain, etc

Running VMware. SocksChain on the host, SocksChain on the var. , go to SocksChain on the host, Tools – Options – untick Accept connection only from localhost, set socks in the host SocksChain, well, to immediately test. Tools – Options – proxy – untick resolve names locally on both SocksChain. in VMware go to View – Virtual network Settings – NAT – edit, see the IP currently being used. This is the IP of the host car in a local loop like)). It can be edited, say. go to SocksChain guest, press socks, add socks – i.e. that IP which we took from NAT settings and port 1080. in the host SocksChain we need to check if the connections are received on the port 1080. Push the gwesta test socks. hooray! socks are lit! it works. SOCKS5 Fucking great! tcp/udp all goes through socks. and everything’s fine.

on the web browser we type in, you don’t have to teach anyone. *I think* ) switch to host, enable VPN, socket in the Chain we previously entered initially on the host. we jump on the quest. Browser, test it. Voila.

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

Copyright (C) 2007 xbug specially for https://ver.sc

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Easy VMware” ferum cvv

No VMware GSX Server 2.5.1 and Windows XP SP2 as guest and host machines were affected in the tests.

Part 1, flume. Installation. General. VMware comes in three flavors, Workstation, GSX, and ESX. Workstation. The term translates to Workstation. Which it is. I’ve been considering it for a short time. Hosted, but okay. GSX Server. Supports a lot more guest OS and can integrate with IIS. Since, as I wrote, I have VMware GSX Server 2.5.1, that’s what I’ll be describing. For who is old, but I’m too lazy to look for a replacement for normally working software. Features of other versions or types, that you use, easy to guess by analogy. The principles of work are very similar, if not one in the same. ESX Server. Minimum requirements are either 2 or 4 processors. It is installed on Red Hat Linux. How to use this good fortune personally is a mystery for many. Unless you want to test the behavior of different operating systems at the same time.

Installing the program. Where to get warez to a person who knows how to get cashless on the internet is kind of indecent to ask. Google, underground. Actually you can check out the version of the current build at _https://www.vmware.com/support/gsx2/doc/whatsnew_gsx.html and then download directly from the off-site like this _https://download3.vmware.com/software/gsx/VMware-gsx-server-installer-3.2.0-14497.exe Installation is not difficult, but long. Setup, one reboot and entering the serial number at first start. The only thing is, if you want full install, i.e. with integration into IIS, you need to have this IIS preinstalled by hand and the Windows installer.

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

Copyright (C) 2005 zuma specially for https://ver.sc

ferum cvv

Easy IMEI change x65-x75 (SGOLD)” cvv store pro

Not particularly easy, really. There are special terms and a lot of twisting in places.

Intro: I’m not sure that most of the people here will be interested, but as it turned out during one discussion, there is interest in the topic and it is worth trying. Of course, you can buy a new phone once a week or give the existing one to a specialist. But the first increases the entropy of the universe, while the specialist acquaintance can be said to be busy. Also it turned out, that on mobile forums the questions and answers about changing the serial number are not in fashion, because moderators ban such smart guys. So to say, that less stealing and then unlocking. O_o I learnt about the possibility of changing IMEI in Siemens x65 except for flash swapping. But I haven’t thrown my M65 away or sold it, so it together with the MA-8730P USB cable did the following. It turns out that I can listen to mp3 and run elf binary instead of java midlets on the x65. Cool, but that’s a different story.

So we need three programs: PapuaUtils for working with phone codes, V_Klay patcher and x65flasher. V_Klay can work as a flasher as well, but it has smaller speed range and subjectively slower operation.

Keys. First you need to run PapuaUtils and calculate the keys. The best way to do this is using midlet px75v1. You will need to download it into your phone and run it there. With HASH and ESN extracted run in PapuaUtils SKEY and BootKEY (BKEY) calculation. All found keys should be saved in a safe place (ESN for x65flasher as well). The reason is that if the device is dead and full-flash is absent (wrongly read or unclearly deleted), this at least gives you some hope that the device will by non-trivial efforts restore to life. Then write the found BKEY to the V_Klay lowrider (file x65.vkd, there it is all described there).

Backup. Run Clay. The first time it connects to the phone it will try to make a full backup, let it do that. Also know how to do it x65flasher (that’s amazing) and PapuaUtils (flash tab).

Disabling hardware IMEI check. Option one, easy. Googling x65_IMAI_changer (exactly IMAI). Pull out from the phone a piece of memory with size 0x40000, starting from zero address. For x75 it starts with 0x40000. Feed this file to the changer by pressing Disable OTP button. The changer will give you a chance to save it, put the file next to it and mark it with the _patched tag. That will be all. There’s no need to follow other advice in the manual of the changer, it will be for the firmware versions not bigger than 25. Ha, it sews and 43, and 50, and 58 (M65 I mean). Option two, manually. Actually the changes made are minimal. It’s easier to show on patches for specific firmware found on file comparison:

In general, look for the second sequence 0x0410A0E10D00A0E1, it is the beginning of the patch. You can look at the file in the hex, make sure. For example, the changer could not find anything in the file from S65_v58. Switching Glue from phone mode to file mode. Open full-flush (a copy for experiments, of course!). And write the file, produced by changer to this full flash to the address from which it was taken. In the manual version just patch, as described above. You can even use those patches, if the model and version match any of them. The resulting full flash can then be used repeatedly. But it will freeze old SMS-messages, contacts in address book, etc.

Useful, but not necessary Since we work with full-flash, EEPROM loss is not a problem. But keep in mind, we’d better discover some IMEI related hidden blocks. Just wait and see what special software buttons you want to push. That’s why we’ll apply this little patch just in case (only for the specified firmware version! search rules):


Change IMEI Next, let’s take up PapuaUtils again. On Miscellaneous tab it has a Notch area. Actually it is intended to write IMEI to the phone if flash drive is empty. Phone is switched off, then you have to write in a window and press Freeze. After resume resume the number and after that enter to Converter tab, where we find Recalk FullFlash button. This is correct and proper modification of FullFlash for the new IMEI, unlike aforementioned changer. Plus it works on all versions.

IMEI Calculation Optional. It is possible to put zeros in it as well. But you can specify Vertu or A35 (like, don’t touch the sucker, haha). Generally, list of manufacturers is here: https://www.nobbi.com/tacquerydb.htm Description of fields is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMEI Check sum calculation can be done quickly here: https://javascript.internet.com/forms/credit-card-number-validation.html Yes, yes, for cards the last digit is also calculated by the Luhn formula.

The programs used are freeware and were taken from the following places: https://vi-soft.com.ua https://papuas.allsiemens.com/PapuaUtils.htm https://chaos.allsiemens.com/software.html x65_IMAI_changer is googled on forums that require registration to download.

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

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Firefox aka IE 5.5/6.0/7.0″ feshop bins

I haven’t used Firefox as a desktop explorer for a long time. Until I didn’t know where the user-agent line was. I’ve seen one horrible program, changing agent and language, which always flipped to Russian, and after running it java crashed. Well, screw them all, these programs, I only trust my own hands (at most scripts). So. Into address C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxdefaultspref you can put any .js file, for example winxp.js with approximately this line: pref(general.useragent.override, Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Hotbar 3.0)); where the second parameter is exactly the name of the browser and go to admire https://wwwleader.ru/secure/who.html Unfortunately there are installed plugins with names under Firefox (mostly Java), but it is already necessary to dig in appropriate places Java, Acrobat, etc. Yes and need in this direction that or change only for online casinos. And then if there is a manual analysis of sessions. A small list of agents can be found here: https://www.pgts.com.au/pgtsj/pgtsj0208c.html – P.S. Here is a strong toy. A settings in general and all changeable. Thanks a lot, guys, for the prefab. Who has Lisa, all download. ??

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

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feshop bins

A comparison of VPN technologies.” dumps seller

Currently, there are three main types of VPNs that can be used to encrypt information being transmitted, in order to protect it from eavesdropping and logging. If you think that VPN is used to hide your IP you are mistaken as it is a minor feature of VPN, there are all sorts of proxy servers to hide your IP address which are highly recommended to use in conjunction with VPN. Ideally your bundle should look like this : socks proxy vpnhttp/socks proxy (though this bundle can be organized only using OpenVPN).

Type two – L2TP/IPSec is the least common, IPSec is used for encryption, udp is used for data transfer. It is a competent solution, because the patent for it is owned not by NECRASOVTm but by much more respected Cisco Systems. This protocol lacks all of the disadvantages of PPTP and, at the same time, does not require third-party software installation, but for clients with dynamic IP addresses, we can use only x.509 certificate authentication, which is quite progressive and convenient, but it makes users sad. The main problem is with the server side, for IPSec to work with clients behind a NAT, it’s necessary to use the NAT-T technology, which for example in Linux is currently experimental. There is no reliable, well-proven l2tp server solution for UNIX. In addition, it is not the best solution for people who economize on their traffic, since each transfer size is added, IPSEC header is about 56 bytes, L2TP header 16 bytes, and NAT-T will add a bit more. From the client side security point of view not all is well either, there is a possibility of one DOS-attack by another client. With server security there are the same problems as with PPTP servers and even more, because we already have two network services running under the root ISAKMP and L2TP.

The conclusion from all this mess is that if a man has his hands in the right place and if he thinks about his security he will choose OpenVPN.


The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

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