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Everyone is looking for a quality response. And what is that? A quality response? I, for example, have a high conversion rate response, I have a quality response, and I have an awesome response. So which one are you gonna go with? Who sets the very scale of quality by which we measure response? For example, the quality of response is a response with 5% of conversion, you bought 1000 responses and received 50 worked contracts, but nobody will give you a guarantee because the conversion depends on many factors, For example from the same base on which the mailing is made (unscrupulous vendors may do a lot of mailings to their base) and also depends on how the response itself dropovodov, and also depends on the text that is written in the spam letter, which in the first step selects for you the target audience. Plus, who’s going to admit that their response is poor quality? It turns out there’s a lot we can do ourselves to get a response with more sign-ups.

Response Sellers are Opponents or Partners? It turns out that buyers and sellers have 2 different goals. And if two people who solve the same problem have different goals – then they are more like opponents than partners. And as you know, only a struggle between opponents is possible. So, for example, the task of the seller – to give N number of responses to the buyer in the agreed terms, and to fulfill this – the seller very often does the following:

Posting. A Response Seller posts on the job posting that has the highest response rate. This means that the Seller gets to collect a large amount of responses for a minimal budget and minimal time. These statistics are not hard to find on the internet, an example of job trends can also be found on the indid website:



This is how the Seller fulfills the terms of the agreement with the Buyer, but the conversion from such postings is often not very high, because at the next stage, when job seekers from this posting learn the details of the job – they fall away.

Spamming. A salesperson often sends out a spam mailing that contains general information without any specifics, saying there is a vacancy, if you are interested, please contact us.

Everyone who is looking for a job gets such an email, but after receiving the first email with details, they also drop out.


Working with untouched target audiences You could try picking a category of people who are receptive to working with parcels. What kind of people might these be? Housewives? Students? Who else? Drops for staf should definitely not be looked for in the legal and financial sections, right? Try to work with different target audiences from different sections and work with different states and cities – yes, the response will probably be less, and it will take longer to recruit. Have you ever tried to spam an email that offers jobs to housewives or babysitters, for example? And those are the people who want to work from home.

The right letter to send out Do the mailing in your own spam letter, which tries to include the details of the job. When writing a spam letter it is not unreasonable to follow the rules of business correspondence, namely the logic of the letter: why you are writing, what you offer, what you demand, instructions for the next step.

Make Response Sellers your Partners Try to negotiate, based on what the Response Seller is interested in, who has bases with candidates and with people who post about mutually beneficial cooperation. They might be interested in you making some clothes for them, and in return you’ll get a response. You can also negotiate a 50/50 job with the posters. That way – you don’t invest money and you get the resource you need. To negotiate well with people – try to get the necessary skills for this, these are negotiation skills and communication skills.

Response processing | First letter After you have received a response – you send the first letter. Who drafted it and when? It is very important that the spam email and the first letter are not contradictory, do not break the logic and do not duplicate information. For example, a spam mail can say that you have reviewed the applicant’s resume, and now when you write the first letter for the applicant to fill in the form, it will again say that you have reviewed the resume, or it will be a repetition (copying) of duties. And the logical thing to do is this: If you spammed the resume – then in the next letter, thank them for their interest, for example, provide a more detailed description of the duties, describe the FAQ with answers to all kinds of questions that may occur in the drop. I’ll give you a hint, it’s very important from a psychological point of view to make the dropper feel safe and economically profitable.

Application If you have the option for the drop to enter their personal details in the admin – try suggesting drops on the first step to fill in the Application, which consists of 3 fields, FULL NAME PHONE MESSAGE. This data is enough to do the interview.

Website direction If you practice working with untouched target audiences, consider the following. There are 3 people, a housewife, a babysitter and a student. Which company will they consider an offer from? Logistics or from a company that offers seasonal jobs and work from home jobs? The answer seems obvious.

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Use If your caller is your affiliate, why not start calling mailing list results without sending the first email and asking the dropper to fill out an Application. For example, you get 500 resumes from a posting, you already have contact information from the resume to use as well. You don’t have to put the end of the dialogue in terms of do you agree or don’t you agree to work? You can tell the droppu more softly, saying thank you for the interview, it was very interesting to talk to you, you have told us a lot about yourself, right now we will send you an email with all the additional information, and we will wait for your response today. Immediately send the drop a job offer or contract that you ask to sign. In the dialogue or in an email, you can indicate that you will give him the opportunity to try out for the job, and if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay, he’ll process a few parcels and he and you will make a decision after that. (Don’t forget to make the drop feel safe). You can even say that your company will make him a gift (economic benefit)


Infographics | Information perception It turns out that we perceive graphic information much better. That is why infographics are used all over the world, they have replaced complicated instructions. For example, when a woman hears about the processing of parcels – she may get the false impression that she needs to lift heavy boxes – do you think she will agree? And in the infographic we can depict a woman, in a cheerful mood, carrying a small box to the post office, is different, isn’t it?

Call script Make a script for a phone call that your caller uses and refine it from time to time. So you will know what your recruiter is talking about and may tell him what to change, offering to test your scheme of work. It is possible that new dialers will join your team soon, and now you already have a script that you can give them.

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Make droppers your friends After all, if you are not friends – it is accepted that you can behave self-servingly with a stranger and there is no trust in strangers. And if we are interested and take into account the interests of the dropp – he begins to feel respect, motivation to accomplish something. In the process of dialogues, we can ask the dropout about his hobbies and interests, and when they coincide – what do we start to experience? That’s right, unconscious trust emerges, and this is a serious tool in capable hands. If you make a droppe your friend, he will be ready for anything, because it is not customary to cheat friends


Constantly test new ideas There are many times when you suggest something new to a person and he/she says it won’t work, but how does he/she know? Henry Ford said: If I listened to what people told me, you would still be driving a carriage


I don’t know exactly which tool will come in handy for you, but I know people who have used them and successfully raised conversion rates on their drop projects.

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