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First of all, let’s define what exploration is for: You can’t come to a country and pick a successful location off the bat. That just doesn’t happen.

Reconnaissance is necessary first of all because you cannot always tell from the outward calm of a country/city what is really going on there, what is the level of security and protection of one’s own savings. Reconnaissance is necessary in order to choose the right places to work with a skimmer. In order for these places to be as profitable and safe as possible.

Scouting time can stretch up to 2-3 days per city. During this time you will find about 3-6 excellent places, ready to install. True, before you have to make a detour to 20-30 places, because often you will come across antiskimmer, atm with a bunch of external cameras, or just not quiet places where you would not like to put.

When scouting, you should look like an ordinary tourist with a camera, but in inconspicuous clothing (in most countries the default attitude is tourist friendly). For each place we need full statistics for further analysis: Location of the atm on the map Photos of the area need to be taken What time is the most passable It is necessary to estimate approximately how easy it will be to install the skimmer and to make the necessary notes.

Don’t rely on your memory, be sure to make notes of each place, note all the important points, where it is, what are the pluses of this or that place. For example: a nearby hotel is one of the best factors, because tourists are our number 1 target when working in tour countries, because: they do not know what this atm usually looks like and they are not very attentive in general. Or another example: You see a club or some kind of night bar not far from your atm. Accordingly, for this place, make a note to visit it again at night. Always make notes about everything.

This will come in handy for further analysis and selection of potential locations: Compare all the statistics, choosing the sweetest places Considering that we have already taken photos of the area, we review what places are more convenient and safe for installation and surveillance. Determine who will make the approach from where (taking into account the possibility of any cameras on neighboring buildings), where to park the car during surveillance, where to be an observer during the operation. Mark the approximate time period for which equipment can be installed in a particular place. Also, don’t forget, this is the century we live in, and Google has given us a wonderful gift. We type in the addresses of selected places and with google view view everything thoroughly: cameras, cafes, nearest streets and everything you want. Because now there are almost all the more or less major cities in google in detail. And they are worked out there in as much detail as you wouldn’t be able to do with a photo.

Once we have done the analysis and selected potential locations, we need to observe each of them: View everything with your own eyes to see if this place is really suitable and there is no hype for the observer. Note in detail how many Holders pass in what period of time. If possible, note the frequency of patrols Note all the cases (specific times), when someone could interfere with work: walking old ladies, security guards for a smoke or just from the nearby shops, some gathering of people. We need a safe installation, so we need to track the arrival of the collectors and do the installation after them.

After all this work, we will determine with precision the optimal time to work safely.

Well and most importantly, look at all the cameras. Conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and installation with all this in mind. The main thing is not to get caught on the cameras and then we can sleep peacefully. We have to watch out not only for atm cameras, but also for all the outside cameras. Which camera is watching where, where to go, where to drop off workers, check whether cameras see where the employees are going to go, so that cameras do not catch the number plate of the car. Determine escape routes with cameras in mind.

Well, in conclusion, a few more tips for the job: Avoid places with 40 people/hour traffic. Avoid morning installations, for some reason people are more attentive in the morning. It happens that at one place you can put a skimmer for a week in the evening without any problems. But in the morning it won’t even last a couple of hours. Remember, if you have a good one day, one evening and one night spot (near cash bars, clubs, strip clubs), then work more wisely with the movement of one skimmer in one day in all three places. Don’t put in one spot from morning to night, try doing some scalping, with catching the best hours on multiple atm’s. Don’t work in very small towns, but do pay more attention to wealthy areas in medium/big cities. But be careful in rich areas, scout there more carefully, looking for any possible cameras, patrols, etc. Play around with google view, it’s pretty useful stuff. It might not be the best way to get a location (although it is theoretically possible to walk around all the streets for hours looking for locations), but as a pre-planning and navigation guide it is a very good idea to go through all the different areas and spend a lot of time walking around. But as a survey of the area at already pre-determined locations, it is a good tool. It will help to determine the general situation, where observers might be, how to make approaches/walks to installers, etc.

After a while you will learn to feel the places. Because a place may seem bad during the day, but it’s actually a great place in the evening or vice versa.

Have fun skimming and please treat skimming as a business, be prudent and careful!

And don’t forget that there is no better recognition for an author than grateful readers.

2012 (c) Bonomo.

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