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People often ask me how many years I’ve been in the game. When I say that I’ve been in the game for 8 months, no one believes me. And they should not. In this post I will try to give some brief advice to those people who are just coming to the topics hoping to earn some money for their sweet life.

The first thing you need is start-up capital. Without it, you have no business at all. You will roll crap, toiling from bread to water in search of a VMP, and you will also need to pay every month for VPN and soks, and other needs (vary depending on the selected topic). No money for the start-up capital? With this is always easy-earn money, there are a lot of options in real life for someone who WANTS to earn, and not to suck dick and whine in the kitchen how to live hard. For example, you can go unload railroad cars – a normal man’s job. I am on another before carding earned, but my methods are not suitable for all Options to earn a beginner is in carding, and vbiv and so on. Yes it is difficult. Yes can bail. And the fuck you thought, all easy or what? So in the days of the planet was, now the farther it is, the harder it is.

The start-up capital is taken care of. Let’s assume you have it. Now you have another question. Where to go, roughly speaking. Here we face a common problem of many beginners. There is a desire to earn money, but we do not want to think and work with our heads. In the first place. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, do not knock in ashi people who are on the subject and do not write something like I’m sorry I bother you, I am a beginner but really want to get into the theme advise me … (There are many variations on what to suggest). It’s possible that someone nigot really tell you, but 99% of those who really work, will want to add you to the ignore list. People have no time, and no desire to explain moreover something to lazy and incompetent people.

The desire to pester other people with questions is particularly characteristic of the state of mind of the overwhelming number of citizens who go into carding. Again I’m talking about unwillingness to improve, desire not to work, and desire to get everything at once and for free. 95% of these citizens after a certain time interval leave the topic or begin to quit (it’s really easier, although the topic is also dying – all through the guarantor want to nowadays)


Generally speaking, everything with carding is simple. As in any topic, in carding professionalism (competence) rules, and ruthlessness to yourself. If you want to make real money, you have to know your topic by heart. To understand the smallest nuances. Constantly monitor the news. Read forums (the source of information and topics). Communicate with your colleagues, share experiences. Constantly look for new loopholes and clues in the subject. Staying up-to-date on everything. All of these activities take a lot of time and effort. This is where we get to another point – ruthlessness to yourself. Fuck, I don’t know how to explain it… but it rules. It’s hard at first, but then it’s very interesting. The pleasure of work, of creativity, of accomplishment, of accomplishment – it rules no less than other pleasures. And sometimes even more. You have to understand that carding is work, it’s creative, interesting and well-paid. But if you treat it as a hobby or a freebie for beer, you’re not likely to achieve anything serious.

Always set yourself goals. And every day ask yourself what you have achieved, what you have done to achieve it. Once achieved, never relax – set a new goal. Relaxed people get fucked. this is a great read about goals: https://oper.ru/news/read.php?page=3t=1051601278 very enlightening in my day

I advise you to reject moral restraints right away. At first, I was worried about something like that, my conscience was eating away at me. Then I realized the truth and life became easier. You just need to be soberly aware of who you are and what you do. You steal money from people. You steal people’s savings. You’re a thief. Period.

However, one should not be unprincipled either. There’s some shit that no normal person would ever join, get around to. For me, robbing old people, cheating on charity, etc. It’s different for everyone. Just do not forget that you are human, do not lose your humanity, money is not the solution in our lives so we can do something disgusting for the sake of it.

However, let’s return to the situation: you are starting from scratch. How do you reach at least that minimum level of competence which will allow you to start working and not to waste your starting capital? I can give some advice from my own example. I started (though I finished quickly with the subject, but never mind, it’s fine as an example), on the front in betting offices (the subject was originally close, because in sports I have connections and knowledge). To expand my knowledge in the field of carding in BK – I spent a few days almost uninterruptedly studying-

all the topical carding forums on this topic site about 70 large BK, studied the manuals, rules how to enter the output site those who bet armed with knowledge, has almost professionally talked to a couple of people working in this field. help tipsomeopytom no one refused, because I did not knock to them with stupid questions a la man, tell me what to do and was already more or less close to them.

I believe that this approach can help 90% of those currently running. As banks with ASN, as well as exchangers where gold is still being carded, can be found through google, you just need to do the hard work. Likewise, and normal dropovodov, and other necessary people elementary to find, just a good rummage. Work hard, try, and never give up. And remember – that you’re alone, and count only on yourself – and no one fuckin’ need here, all the money here and make money and nobody cares about you. And if you’re in carding for more than six months and you still suck dick – it’s not the themes that die, it’s you lazy asshole (insert as appropriate).

That’s all for now, if anything else comes to mind, I’ll add it to the article.

zy. do not take what I have written as money and now take it and teach everyone. I have set out my experience, vision, someone it may be useful, someone has their own views. If it helps you, it is good, if not, believe me, I do not give a damn about it . I want a prize.

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