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Jordan Belfort is an American motivational speaker and former broker. He was convicted of securities market manipulation fraud and organizing the trading of cheap stocks, for which he spent 22 months in prison


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Forwarding Mother of Russian Cities. One of the oldest threads, at the heart of which is the Help to Buy Products from Foreign Internet Stores and Providing Address in USA. One of the main disadvantages of this theme is the fact that many people have heard about online shopping scams and stolen credit cards and when reading the documentation or making a phone call, they hear the key words like online store, shipping – they jump off the topic. This topic has worked as it has, but every year the conversion rate of such projects is dropping rapidly.

Logistics A very old topic that still works. It is used because logistics is directly related to shipping and parcels, and by offering people a job in logistics we presume that we select people who are willing to work with parcels. The downside of such a theme is the fact that people go for a job related to logistics, and then when they are offered a job at home – many just jump off the topic, but despite this, the theme continues to work.

Checkers Companies that check the goods, their technical characteristics using additional equipment. The topic is not too hackneyed and in the near future will probably become a good alternative to such projects as forwarding and logistics.

Marketing Promotion of promotional products, sales promotion. Marketing projects are good to use if you need an employee to work for several months and you are not going to pay them. The theme is based on working with promotional products, some of which the company leaves for the employee to distribute to his friends. By feeding the dropper small pieces of food, you can keep him alive for a long time. At the heart of the theme is trust, which is built on the principle of said-done. You said the droop would get the item for free – he got it, you said the payday would be on the 1st – he has no choice but to trust you – since your word is already confirmed by deed.

Test products An employee receives a product, makes a description of it, possibly a video report, or simply leaves feedback after using the product for a while and keeps the product. This serves as a cover for him to be engaged in the shipment of the goods. Like the previous marketing theme, the Test Product theme is based on trust in the principle of “said – done”. Droop builds trust in the process of receiving the free product and thus ensures its vitality.

Outsourcing, Outstaffing An interesting project. First of all, the employee is your employee; you provide services to other companies and if something happens, it will be easier to explain to the employee that it is not your fault. It is the company for which you provide outsourcing or outstaffing services. If it is used correctly, the situation with hanging up can be handled much easier than in other projects. It also happens that an auxiliary project is done for such a project and you can point the finger at them and blame them for becoming a victim of fraud too.

Gradual psychological pressure is applied to the employee to withdraw all or a significant part of the product.

Buy now, pay later There are different modifications of such services, but like any project this theme is directly related to goods and stores, and therefore it is easy to build a logical chain for the employee about where the goods come from and why he gets them. New themes are good because there is almost no information about them, many people do not know about them and if you use this project correctly and a good dialing, you can get great results.

Hr Agency/Autstaffing Sometimes a pad is used between the project, which carries 2 main tasks, to increase the trust of the employee at the first stage or to take the main hit in case of exposure. Pads necessarily installed IVR (interactive voice menu) and when an employee makes a call to such a HR agency – the IVR leads him on all points, including can connect to the operator (who is hired just for 300-400 dollars a month, and who just takes calls). After that, the new employee’s confidence increases significantly and further conversion of the job seeker to a workhorse goes like clockwork.

eBay/amazon sales A great option for selling goods at their place of origin. The basis of such projects are different schemes, for example Help in selling goods in foreign auctions, where the company or its agents offer services such as placing goods and processing transactions and receiving and processing payments on their PP accounts, also the theme may be eBay Waltz, which provide similar services or simply Escrow service, which guarantees the performance of each party. Conversion on such projects is much lower than on drop projects and good employees need to be retained the longer the better, so they all make good profits too. Sooner or later employees of such companies may ask uncomfortable questions, so it makes sense to prepare for such a situation in advance.

Card Forwarding Card forwarding can be done by almost all drop projects, but sometimes projects are made specifically for these tasks on the topic of business documentation processing. It is desirable to pump an employee with some kind of documentation, sometimes the packets with some kind of documentation are simply forwarded within the drop project between all droppers, the docs can be scanned by the dropers and sent on, the droper can be sent equipment to work on to build trust. After pumping, cards are sent so the drop asks less questions, after cards can even transfer the drop to another job. For example, if the project is more modified, after maps the employee may start working with parcels. There are different scenarios for working with such projects and the above is just one of them, everything else depends only on your imagination.

Virtual assistants The project can offer virtual assistants as one of the services or the project can be made purely for this topic. This idea is based on remote working. As in any other project, it is desirable to offer work both full time and part time, so the employee himself chooses the most suitable option.

Start up If you are just starting out with a drop-in project, it makes sense not to rush and not to hire a large number of people for all positions, but to go through the whole process by yourself a couple of times with a probe to find out all the pitfalls, and then optimize business processes and automate them. And then delegate everything that other people can do – outsource it and make your life easier.

Project It is desirable that the project should be adaptive and easy to view on all types of screens such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. Good documentation should go with the project, you need to answer exactly the questions asked by your employees, not send the most appropriate templates as you think. The design doesn’t really matter, if you look at the websites of some large corporations you will understand that. Sooner or later an employee may ask for some kind of document on the company, so if possible prepare it in advance.

Response processing Control the response processing, make hints to your callers if you have enough knowledge. Do everything on time, if an employee doesn’t respond for a few days – send an email or make a call, push your employees and interact with your caller.

Documents Use the principles of business correspondence, be sure to check texts with a native speaker, always answer employees’ questions, explain processes in as much detail as possible so they understand everything 100%

Dialer Don’t bog down a dialer with a chore. A good caller should only make calls. If you do not have a system of response processing, and you work manually, put the best of them on the calls, and the weaker on handling the response. Imagine if one telephone operator starts calling new employees, processing old and new emails, making business calls, solving problems – your head is spinning and you are more than likely to make a mistake. You or your clients will pay for all mistakes.

Maintaining A very important step. Making a job seeker into a workhorse is half the job, it’s much more important to make that workhorse. Maintain regular communication with your employees, many call employees every day without exception, especially if there are 20 people in the rotation. Knowing what’s on the employee’s mind – you can react to any situation in a timely manner and quickly heal the horse or minimize client risk. This is very important. And don’t forget to check your drop projects for dovablenie their scam board, not only by company name, but by individual offers taken from different places on your site. More and more often employees are looking for any information on the Internet and if the employee gets suspicious and finds your project in a scam by the name of the company – most likely you will simply lose all the goods.

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