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I won’t describe how to make FullTilt, if you don’t know how, then go to the factory, to collect spare parts for VAZ. In this article I will consider playing in Heads-UP on 0.5/1 limit. This is a good limit for a beginner, because of the small investment. So, we have a carded account with a balance of say $450. A clean account we do not need at all. We will start by getting some victims to pump our clean account. With your card account, look for a couple of regulars at the Heads-UP tables. Before you sit down at a table, take a look at a player’s stats to see how dangerous he is for you. You can do this at https://www.pokertableratings.com/. Players with a PTR of 50 are victims. You can sit him calmly with a carded account and start playing. Your task is to analyze his game, to see his actions with certain hands. The main task is to try to bring your opponent to Shownownownowna. Analyze, look for weaknesses in your opponent’s game. In a good way, you need to find 3-4 of these players. It may take you a day, but it will help you in the future.

So we found the players, we figured out how to play against them, we found their weaknesses, now let’s move on to creating a clean account.

First, let’s choose the payment system with which to make a deposit. My choice fell on https://www.moneta.ru/. Advantages of this payment system: 1. Fast deposit/withdrawal to poker rooms. (This is one of the main things for us) 2. Easy withdrawal via Contact system of money from this payment system. Created an account? Now let’s define our BP. In order to feel comfortable, I advise you to make a deposit of ~$250-300$, this money will still come back to us.

Payment system chosen, now the actual creation of a clean account. No need to stupidly register an account, go to https://www.rake.ru/ for a start. For FullTiltPoker there is a good rakeback offer of 27%. Money never hurts, and considering we’ll be pumping up the account, it’s perfect at all.

So, we created an account, made a deposit of $250, what’s next? Next, we remember the players we played Heads-UP with and find them at the tables and sit down to play with them. Given that we know their weaknesses, playing with them will be a pleasant summer ride. Next, focus on your bankroll. Anything you win over $250 (including rakeback), put it on withdrawal. The first withdrawal will take time, but subsequent ones will pleasantly surprise you. The second and subsequent withdrawals I received very quickly. At 3 am Moscow time I was betting for withdrawal in the afternoon I already had the money.

The main thing to remember is to make your withdrawal on weekdays, as there are always delays on weekends.

Now the most important question, how long to pump the account? I advise 2-3 weeks minimum before draining. Would you say long? But remember, a pumped account will allow you to earn more than you will earn at the factory.

How to drain I think you will understand yourself, most importantly do not create stupid situations.

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