A method of working with plastic in the face of harsh modern reality.” tires plus cc

A method of working with plastic in the face of today’s harsh reality

In today’s environment where plastic production has fallen into serious disrepute and the question of where to get plastic media for your freshly purchased dumps is particularly acute, we have written this article.

To begin with, this variant of work with real plastic is not without disadvantages, but as practice shows, all variants of work are not without some disadvantages.

So, let’s get down to business. We’ll need: 1. A number one card opened at a real bank in your name. 2. Card number two (aka card number three, four, five) a card opened in a bank in the name of the person whose document you are going to present in case of a document request, or a gift card without a name.

You will also need some dumps, specially selected from the vendor and a favorite encoder msr206 (In fact, any other encoder will also do the trick)


Stage one. Target selection.

For this step you will need a card open to you and your native document. It is better if the card has little or no money on it. Are you ready? Then go for it.

You walk into a store, choose an item to buy for up to 1k green, then bravely head for the cash register. You try to pay with your card, nothing comes out, you get indignant, curse the bank which gave you this piece of plastic, make sure you ask for a receipt with a refusal code so that I could show them all at the bank, they will learn to love their motherland from me, with a proud air under sympathetic looks of cashiers go away, firmly clutching in your fist a receipt with refusal, which actually was the purpose of your voyage.

Stage two. Examining the check.

When you leave the store on the street, calm down, change your anger for mercy, and carefully study the receipt. If the receipt is printed with a card number of stars and only the last four digits of the card are your favorite dot, remember it, you will come back here again. If a receipt printed the first four and last four digits, or God forbid, the entire number, you can safely write a complaint to the regional representative of the payment system, this point violates your rights (as I love this word) and this violation must be corrected. But seriously, it is better to forget about this point, for our scheme, alas, it is not suitable.

Stage three. Preparatory or going hunting.

For a successful hunt, you need to be well prepared, so you need to stock up on normal quality dumps. Carefully study map number two (three,four,five) from the junior value hunter’s kit.

You need to select the dumps according to the following parameters: the date of the dump should coincide with the date on your card number two the last 4 digits should coincide with the ones printed on the card. Dump suppliers will be happy to fulfill your little whim for your money. Well, it’s just my personal opinion, and it’s up to you, of course.

I will not describe the process of recording and behavior in the hunt, a lot has already been said about it, and there is no point in repeating it. The main thing is not to be greedy, check the dump every time before work, roll the card once, do not strive to make a large purchase, remember that the chicken is biting the seed. Maps now you have a reusable, rolled set, rewritten, and again in combat. Good hunting ??

This article cannot be regarded as a guide to action, but is merely an analysis of the weakness and insecurity of stripe technology.

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

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