About carding gurus and their realities.” cvv shop online

This article is dedicated to everyone who is considered a carding pro. Well-known, respected and honest people whom everybody tries to imitate… whose opinion is accepted and whose words are accepted almost axiomatically. In this article I will try to answer the question that most people have never asked themselves … and you should =) Do you want to become some kind of a “guru” in this field or it’s better to give up and go to university, is it honorable and beautiful to become “somebody” or it’s just a cheap show, are celebrity carders so rich as they try to seem and how much falseness and hypocrisy are in their speeches? But first things first…

So to the conclusions… there won’t be any… not here and in this post. The conclusion each of you must make for yourself whether you know what you want and what you want to devote years of your life and whether you’re sure that the goal is worth it, or it’s just an illusion and utopia wrapped up in the romance of a life of thieves? There is no romance, there is no beauty and there is no crazy money on the Internet. Revenue know your business carder on the average does not exceed 8-10K per month, minus the overhead of this amount is left a maximum of 3-5K. Do you think it’s a lot? You think so while you do not have a wife, children, their own apartment, which needs to make repairs and the car, which, because of our roads should be repaired constantly. In fact, it is not much, and I do not know anyone who lives decently, earning only carding. A carders I know in the real world very, very much, and believe me they do not belong to the last category of this Biza. It’s up to you, gentlemen =)

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