About downloads” dumps paypal and dumps credit card

About downloads.

Today we will talk about the pressing theme of downloading, as everyone often see posts on forums like , host, need a partner with downloads and so on. If you really want to get involved in this topic, the article is a good source of information in my opinion.

What we will need to implement:

1. A powerful resilient remote server, on linux/unix, . You will need $200 or more (don’t recommend to buy servers in the US). 2. A good bundle of exploits, better with regular updates and cryptocurrencies. 3. Nth amount of traffic per day. 4. User-friendly traffic distribution system (TDS). 5. Lauder.

Now let’s consider items 2,3,4 and 5 in more detail. Let’s skip the first point, because I don’t see sense in its consideration.

2. Exploits

I don’t need to explain what this is, everybody knows Exploit Bundle can be bought, but at the moment in my opinion is not relevant to buy, because literally all bundles at the moment consist of rewritten, optimized for maximal piercing of public sploats (ex: rds,xml,mdac). You can modify them yourself if you know c /asm well enough. It is of course possible to pay the coder tens of thousands of zen, (maybe more) to find the private bug and write an exploit for it, then the penetration of the exploit will not be bad either. So, the best way to get the exploits from milw0rma and rewrite them. And another thing, if you are working with large number of users, you will need statistics for each, well, on this issue please contact the coders.

3. traffic

Let’s say you need to make a total of 30 USA downloads per day. To more or less calculate the right amount of traffic , first you need to know your exploit’s breakthrough on USA traffic. For stable test you need 10k units. Check what percentage of penetration in the exploits stat and see how many bots you have in your admin area (if any) to find out how honest was the trafficker or coder. Well for example after breaking 24% and 240 downloads with 1k donors, you need exactly 126k donors and take 10-15k in reserve, as there are different situations. It’s better to take traffic from one and the same seller, then it’s possible that your breakthrough won’t jump much. It’s also possible to card traffic but mostly most of them are fake, instead of unique visitors you get generated traffic, but there are also working ones, mostly they accept paypal, some cc


4. TDS

If you work across multiple countries, you will need a traffic management system. Consider a traffic management system using Simple TDS as an example.

The essence of how TDS works is as follows: You create so-called schemas in the admin, each of which is assigned a unique identifier and link. For each scheme, you set up link’s outs, where traffic will be redirected to. For example, you create scheme and call it pharma. In admin panel you see url, where you want to send traffic for this scheme, and in all of your doras on pharma topic you set redirect to this url. In admin panel set up outlines, for example, so that all American, Canadian and British traffic was going to feed (or partner you set it up yourself), and the rest was going to 404 page or somewhere else. You can also add additional conditions for traffic sorting and regulate it even finer.

I think the TDS scheme is pretty clear from this.

5. Lowder

Lauder is very handy thing, it bypasses avs, firewalls (ask your dealer for details), using it you can download some files in parallel, also you can flexibly adjust the pricing policy of your service, for example, reduce the price for 1k download in any country by adding so-and-so software will be downloaded in parallel and so on…


Well here vprinpipi described everything in general, but of course there are pitfalls everywhere. Ask specific questions, if there are any will try to answer. P.S. not judge severely. Related links:

milw0rm.com simpletds.com

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

Copyright (C) 2007 Marrio.

dumps paypal and dumps credit card

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