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Want to tell you how to search for shops for shopping, maybe some beginners and not only that will be useful to know. So, in order to get a list of shops go to amazon.com and see a list of shops, of course you can search through all your favorite www.google.com you vypodet immense kolno-shops, choose. Once selected, you need to check it. Personally, I bought a regular card with svv2 and try to send the goods to the address of the Holder. Just need to put the delivery not on the next day (most often called fedex overnight), and that nitsh for 3-5 days, so there was less palaver to order. Wait If they give the track after a certain number of days, then all gud you found the store sending. But even here, do not do without force majeure, it may well be that the store will require you prozvon already when you order for more than 1k. The reason may be any nyt suspect, enroll cheap bank (AKA First, hope you do not use it already in veshchevuhe), not quality proxy and etc.r. Here in principle and everything, please do not criticize strongly, since it is my personal methods, which I am very pleased. Good luck.


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cvv shop list

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