Adalt. Step-by-step instructions for beginners.” atm dumps

I want to dedicate this article to beginners. As a rule, when you get into the carding business, you don’t know where to rush. At first it seems to be easy and simple, but when you start to get into it and understand it, you lose your zeal. The mistake most newbies make is that they try to jump over their heads: they are attracted by large sums of money appearing in topics about gambling, racketeering, real money, etc. I want to say this, all in good time. You have to start with simple things that don’t require a lot of money.

The old scheme of laundering $ from ss (CreditCard) through porn sites is still relevant. I started with it myself a long time ago. I’ll try to outline it in some detail.

So, let’s get started.

1. First and most important is security! You have to configure the operating system for your Amer. On forums, this topic is full of information. Therefore, I will not focus my attention on this.


2. And now on the subject. First, you need to find a Sponsor (or Payer), i.e. a site that sells pornographic material (you should look for them on adult forums). The sponsor, moreover, should be an overseas one, aimed at selling porno materials (content) for the foreign audience. There is a huge number of sponsors that make payments in the methods available to us. Registration on Sponsors is simple and available to everyone, so I won’t go into details here.

3. We need your site, that will advertise Sponsor.It is not necessary to create something huge, it is usually 1 page with lots of links, banners and content (by the way sponsor provide free content) leading to Sponsor’s site (you will get the link after registration). See examples of sites, you can on the same adalt forums.

4. Now you need to host your site on the web. Some Sponsors provide free hosting, if not it is not a problem. Take cs, and search for paid hosting, makes no difference, if only it was not Russian and supports payment by credit card. Found hosting, choose a domain (site name, for example and then pay for hosting according to the proposed scheme for the max period (1 year). All done? Now upload our site there.

5. The last step of site preparation is buying traffic. The sellers of traffic we find there, on Adalt forums, actually it does not make any difference what kind of traffic we will pour, but there are some nuances of our own. If we drive ru traffic, we will have low clickability and more suspicions from partner side. In other words, we need our site as much as possible to have more people click on the banners and go to the Sponsor’s site, because there is maintenance of statistics. You will agree that it will be strange if all the traffic will be ru and the purchases will be from the USA cardboard. Also, if you click on 300 people per week and you make 5 sales, you will receive 1:60 average, which is not good! (The normal ratio of clicks to sales is 1:500-600) So, try to pour more traffic and adhere to this proportion! My advise is to use target traffic from USA or Europe, in this case clickability will be high and palaver from affiliate side will be min. Of course this is everyone’s business and who has what size purse. Traffic cost varies from 1 to 4$ for 1000 visitors.


If you have passed all the stages, you are left with the easiest and nicest job! Go to our site, click the banner, you will be redirected to the Sponsor’s page, click something like Join us now and you will be redirected to the billing system page. There and then enter the data cards! There is different billing systems working with Sponsors, some accept cards without problems and others do not like it. So when you choose Sponsor, do not hesitate to type in your card. Otherwise, it’s better to find another Sponsor with another billing system in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

The most important thing is to follow the propotion I gave in paragraph (5), otherwise your account will be banned for cheating! Sponsor makes payments 2 times a month, you get 50% of sales.

Well, that’s it! If you have any questions, post in the thread, I’ll try to answer them.

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