Anonymous Linux dedicates for safe and anonymous operation” valid fullz and credit cards

Why Debian? Because it’s a non-commercial opensource product. It doesn’t have any trackers and spyware which will leak data to a central resource like Ubuntu. Dedicks are completely anonymous with logging turned off, no trackers, auto adblocking and de-anonymizing scripts and encryption tools. All traffic is sockified (torified) via TOP, which is always running as a system service, which guarantees maximum anonymity! Ideal for secure and anonymous work. For safer operation, it is possible to run vpn inside the dedicates, as an additional layer of security, as well as running a virtualization inside the dedicates with live images, which save the data in RAM, after disconnecting the virtualization all data disappears.

All necessary software is pre-installed in the system, all traffic is socketed through TOR and VPN. For each new session, any software starts a new chain of connections in the TOR network.

System is updated, now available version 2.0 where many functions are realized and also fixed defects of the first release. Product is available in 2 flavors, on wps/vps and server versions, which run on real servers with virtualization support.

Dedic looks like this –

Below are the product 2.0 specifications:

DNScrypt to encrypt and conceal your location by making random requests to trusted, secure dns servers, preventing de-anonymization by leaking dns servers from your ISP.

Block WebRTC connections at the firewall level.

Completely disabled logging in the system, namely syslog and systemd log, no logs in the system.

Disabled ipv6 completely to protect against leaks and security.

Running VPN connections on the dedicates, now all traffic on the dedicates is encrypted and even the hosting provider can’t track your activity. VPN is also needed to soxify udp requests which are not always successfully soxified via tor.

4 preset anti-detection!

Added exclusions in config torus to avoid bad nodes, as well as nodes from USA, Germany, Switzerland, where most of the unwanted nodes are located. Also added to exclude selective nodes like Facebook and other unwanted ones.

Support for i2p the most secure and anonymous darknet network.

Secure otr messaging capability via Telegram

List of preinstalled software:

Clam tk antivirus

After payment, I give you a customized system with full access to everything, you can immediately change the accesses. I also provide the most detailed manual with illustrations and explanations of the work. The manual is written so that most people without any knowledge of linux systems can understand it.



If you have any questions, please contact: [emailprotected]

Telegram litecoin23

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English description

Dedicated servers with disabled logs, ads blockers and without any trackers. All the traffic socksifying through the TOR. Tor is always enabled like a system service which guarantees a maximum of anonymous. Its ideal solution for anonymous working and also control of your employees.

Weve preinstalled all required software for your work and all traffic socksifying through the TOR. For the each new session every application initiates a new connection chain in TOR network.

Here is how the dedicated server looks like:

Unlike the Windows, Linux allows to use a multisession in VNC connections, which means many peoples may share the same desktop and use it for cooperated work or use it in View Only mode. It is ideal for training and collaborated work. All traffic in the system soxified through the TOR by default. Strict firewall rules are written that will not allow any application to connect network directly. However you may manually set the necessary applications which may connect the internet directly.

The list of preinstalled software: Tor browser two additional browsers



Telegram Activated by number and also another alternate client of Telegram






Libre office

VNC/RDP viewer



Price of server from $10 to $40 depends of configuration. After the payment will provide you very detailed instruction of product usage with all necessary manuals.

Contacts: Man jabber [emailprotected]

valid fullz and credit cards

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