[AntiDDoS] Bulletproof Hosting [FlowSpec.RU]” best cvv shop

Hello, dear community members! We are ready to offer quality service of secure hosting and administration of any kind of services regardless of the topic.

TOR: https://flowspecejjxomwg7jcgi636y4atp53nictad.onion

Our advantages:

– We have a geo-distributed network of IP addresses and autonomous systems, which allows us to have a redundant infrastructure. – We have our own equipment, our own premises and DC, we do not rent racks in other’s DCs, we use only our own crypto equipment. – We know better than anyone else that all client’s traffic must be encrypted, all our backend, frontend bundles use unique gre/ipsec tunnels. – We create custom and secure infrastructure of client’s service upon his request, including redundant files, databases, redundant proxies, failover domains and DNS. – Our administrators monitor all abnormal activity in the DC 24 hours a day, monitor all the software, make security updates on a weekly basis, if required. – Each server is separately encrypted by SDA CRYPT, full OS, we organize separate ipmi / kvm on client’s request. – Internet for DC, we buy from tier one providers, such as Telia Company AB, China Telecom, Level3, CHINANET this excludes the possibility of lowering our networks at local country level. – On client request, we disable logging, encrypt not only operating systems, but also separate directories, databases and scripts via ecryptfs. – We know network protocols from A to Z, any tunneling, network stack protection from layer3 to layer7. – Own WAF based on NGINX module, DDoS protection including .onion domains, all possible firewall acl and the like.


– Dedicated servers from 150$ – Virtual servers from 50$ – Each client can configure a server to order, you need to contact us.


– Protect .onion sites from DDoS – Generate consonant TOR domains – Register domains – SSL certificates – Secure RDP (secure RDP virtual server) – Secure VPN


Beware of scammers, it is advisable to pay after verification in PM.

best cvv shop

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