Are you using an atm set you have purchased? Take precautions.” cc dumps shop

1.) If you have bought a set of alpha, checked alfax, card, sim card, do not rejoice before time. If an SMS with a variable code comes to you, then an SMS notification about the receipt of money on the account may come to a completely different number. In alfaklika you can see whether alpha-check is connected and to which number (the last three digits will only be xxx). Droop goes to the bank himself, the dealer does not show his face there of course. Therefore drop can independently activate this feature. And when drop will receive an SMS about receipt of KKK$$$, he first thing he will run to share with his employer? Yeah, right. It seems so in any bank, in VTB Telebanka it must also be seen where the sms-notification goes. Just like any other bank.

2.) Be sure to check the card at the ATM before transferring money to it. History remembers many cases when a drop locates an empty card and then waits.

3.) Never keep money on the card. I would even do so stand in the car not far from the ATM, from the laptop you drop money on the card, immediately withdraw it. Ideally, if the money drops instantly.

4.) If the card is already swallowed by an ATM, and it is clear that it has been busted, the first thing to do is to hurry to your notebook! Wooden drops usually break only the card itself on loss, the probability of 95% that the money can still be saved online!

5.) Change the pin code.

This is the first thing that came to mind, I have much more thoughts, I just need to put it all together. I’ve been meaning to write such a manual for a long time. So many people are screaming about such scams and that they will be cheated 100%, but they cannot even try to protect themselves. If you are serious about using purchased atm, then withdrawing your money may become impossible! Even if you pay attention to at least these 3 points, you can already work out some sort of safe use. If drop does not receive sms (having the code word alphacek can be disabled through the call center, let drop wait until you are old), if he does not have online access (and he does not of course, because only you have access), he is left with only two options: either put up a tent and live in a bank, warning all employees to trumpet incoming money, or call every minute. But calling every minute is unrealistic, I think you understand, and not every operator will give out such information as the balance, even if you have all the information (it also depends on the bank).

Add, correct. I’ll add anything else I remember or think of. Since such a problem exists, and you don’t want to do it for yourself or for your friend. Everything is in our hands.

From myself, I will say that this work is thankless, scandalous, and exhausts a lot of nerves. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

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