Article : Cardim World of Warcraft Gold/Cd-Key.” best site to buy live cc

Article : Cardim World of Warcraft Gold/Cd-Key.

Good afternoon, gentlemen. I decided to share my experience with you. This is my first article and I will try to make it as interesting and detailed as possible. Here I will tell you how to work in carding on World of Warcraft, as well as other toys.

A few words first, what is World of Warcraft ?

WOW (World of Warcraft) or alternatively as it is called by wankers gamers – wow . WOW belongs to the MMORPG ( Multy Player Online Real Personal Game ) genre. Online multiplayer role-playing game. The game’s website is

In the game there are two sides Alliance and Horde (Aliki and Horde) Aliki is light Horde is dark. Every realm (server) in the game is divided into Alliance and Horde.

What are we going to card?

Wow Gold (Gold) – is the game currency of the game which is paid for in the game. The average selling price of 1000 Gold now ranges from $ 12 to $ 20 on Euro servers. For comparison 2 years ago I sold it for $50-60 $ per 1000 gold.

There is now a Russian version of the game for Russian players, but we will talk about European reals. Realms (Servers) in the game. There are more than 200 of them.

Burning Crusade is an addon that came out a year ago

If you are a newbie and don’t know anything about World of Warcraft, check out and for the game and basic gameplay features.

To get started in World of Warcraft carding, you will need :

1) World of Warcraft Burning Crusade client 1a. In-game account (I do not recommend to card, it is better to buy it on (CD-Key World Of Warcraft European Version). 2) Windows (Any suitable and Russian and English version) 3) Browser Firefox 4) Soxes 5) Paypal – Verif Akki with soap. 6) Google 7) Skype A couple of CC ( preferably France ) microphone Knowledge of English (not necessarily know it well – crummy broken will do too )


Install the game. Buy CD-key World of Warcraft Burning Crusade European version on and regaem with the key here after regaq you will be asked to enter either a credit card or game card – to pay for game time. From my experience there is nothing wrong with it, you can enter any even invalid credit card there that would pass this step of registration and complete the creation of an account.

Next, we start the client – and we enter the username and passwords that are registered in the cd-key. We will check if we can access the game. After logging in you will see several variants of the languages English France German Spain – but we are only interested in English.

To prepare for work , we will need to buy 5-10 verified Paypal accounts . I advise you to buy UK accounts. On the forums you can easily find sellers who will sell you 10 accounts with punched Credits and a bank account. I usually buy 10 accounts for $100. Sellers easily agree to such terms.

When you’ve bought our ultimate weapon (the stick), you’ve done half the job.

Take sox France(FR) France . Next, buy a couple of credits and reg reg reg reg in download the software from the site – install – then go through the site on your account and fill a few credits to yourself 10 euros SKYPE OUT and buy yourself a few SKYPE IN numbers in England(UK). I usually buy 1 Skype-in on each Paypal account. (If you dull to do this point, you can buy already built in skype account with already built in skype out and skype in). But I usually did all the procedure myself, as it is much easier and more convenient. For the input in skype use the French Gold or Platinum card – This ensures a long life of aces. Number of England take any (in my experience).

We now have such material available to work with :

1) skype acct with skype out credits England. 2) Verify Stick England 3) Socs England 4) Google

Next, go to and type in the following buy wow gold and start culling shops.

A few words about the best way to do it . Don’t even try to card from big institutions like IGE.COM and Very strong antifraud – callbacks – scan check – in general, they are blue in the face. It is better not to bother. But as easy to find a large good shop – which does przvon immediately after typing and send you your order (GOLD) immediately after przvon.

In the first place, it is very convenient, as in some fresh shops may not be the kol-va Gold and you have to wait for 12-24 hours until it will be collected for you.


During this time, the palt may become overbooked and you may not get the order.

For example I’ll take shop which I carded during the year – from which daily bought 10-50k Golds, with a very good rate . This shop makes a call, immediately within 1-5 minutes after payment for the warrant . This is his big plus , just in this shop constant large stocks of gold and you will get it immediately after the call .

Go to under UK sax go to the section World of Warcraft – EU then wait for World of Warcraft EU – Gold and then select the interest us realm. Do not hurry to kardit there at once for 20 000 gold and be happy, it will not work. From my experience, I say that there really skardit to 5000 for the warrant, because this amount is often available, and the amount of the warrant is not too great. I advise to do 2-3-4-5k for the warrant . Vbivodim data Holder enter Character Name (the name of the character you created on the realm you are interested in) vvbodim phone skype-in Which you scarred and push Pay by Paypal and push Complete. Next, go to pay by palka, log in to the account – make payment.

Within 1-5 minutes and sometimes up to 30 minutes, you will get a call back to your phone number. 90% of the time you will hear a Chinese female voice with broken English. All they will ask you is which Realm you played, how much Gold you played, your paypal email, and the name of your character in the game. Do not be afraid to answer as you can, I when I started working on this subject was falling through the cracks myself, but after 3-4 orders I realized that it is easier to talk to the Chinese, who also do not really know the language. ))))

Sample questions : Question : Hello . Are u Name of Holder . Answer : Yes . Hello Question : Did you buy 3000 gold from ? Answer : Yes . Question : What is urs character Name : Answer : your character name Question : How many did u pay for order ? Answer : The amount paid through the stick Question : What is urs character Level ? (asking the level of the character) Answer : Always fuck that 60-70 level you have

May also ask for your Paypal Email.

If you answered all the questions correctly and if the shop where you carded gold if available you will be asked to run to the post office in the game to the nearest suburb, from where you started the game with the creation of the character. For Alliance it is Goldshire for Horde it is Ratchet (the nearest suburb with the post office). 99% of the shops delivery service (their hero in the game) will meet you there to transfer your warrant for your character. Previously companies have sent all the gold by mail and it was much more convenient, but after the admins started massive banning of accounts for such forwarding, shops have switched to this method of delivery (called Face-to-Face)


And so we made the order, took the call, got the gold . What do we do with that gold now?

Definitely sell )))

To whom?

To the same shops )))) For example and they are buying gold online 24 hours a day. Just register on the site, go to the World of Warcraft EU and select Sell. then you will see a list of real and count the number of gold that this office is ready to buy from you, Gold carding – merge this office, there are all the simplified make right through the site sale – how to sell sorted out. After selling the office adds money to your account. Withdraw money from the accounts, they almost all systems, including Webmoney .

It is also possible to work on request. Go to and look for Russian companies that sell gold on european servers. enter your WOW. Contact support in ICQ and ask if they need suppliers. Usually they tell you right away how much and where they need and are willing to wait up to 24 hours until you will collect the gold.

Here are a couple more companies that I card with Wow Gold. ( sends 1-2k at the moment, no more or less) ( and for 5-7k carding but when a lot of charges fucks brains and goes to MB )

Precautions to make sure the holder less likely to foul your Paypal account. I did it this way. Purchased a stick on these parameters Verified Paypal Email( or MSN.Com) CC BankAccount Noactive(inactive at least 5-7 days) .

Next, I went to my mailbox at -Options-More OptionsFilters I put Exclusive (so nothing comes to my mailbox at all – no confirmations from sticks or other trash) And I put Deleted Junk Email . so anything that comes in is deleted immediately.

How to Card Cd-key/Time-Cards ?

All in the same itemrate )))) only at For the warrant no more than 2 cards or they will ask to pay through moneybookers. Enter 2 cards – as well get right away the call – answer easy questions – and immediately after the call get to the Holder’s email 2 scans of time cards ))) .

Usually I did 1 order for 2-5k Gold 2 time card order (if they started clucking over the phone that they say I bought the 1 st time, I answered that I did more orders for time card or a gold and immediately fucked off)



1) Don’t keep too much gold in 1 account . About 20-30k no more . If there is a chance to buy accounts with high level soap and other data do it. (But know that the real owner of the account will still be able to return it to him, even if you change everything, stating the theft of the account admins). 2) Do not make more than 1-2 payments per day with 1 Paypal account totaling $200-300, otherwise you will catch the limit ) 3) Use 1 Skype-in Number for each account. All the same, sometimes you can 1 and the same number yuchat and pay with different accts in some shops do not palyat it, including in itemrate))) 4) If you are getting Gold in the game you budet 1 level and you will be asked questions like why you have a 1 level, answer boldly – Buying Gold is illegal in the game and I do not want to have my main character blocked. 5) Use Firefox Browser If you have a Russian version, select Language Settings, remove if there is Russian and others and add English/Gb

I hope you like it .


] I’ll answer all your questions here, and I’ll throw out all the details.]

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

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