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The basic problem of scams is created by trusting people who are tricked, because in 90% of cases people are tricked and translate money or render services “in advance”. In most cases you may write yourself into the ranks of newb or trusting “donkeys” if you got dumped. Also remember the phrase “a miser pays twice” in the context of scams it is as relevant as ever.

How do you become a hustler: In its majority hustlers are those who were not able to reach any successes in what they and their environment are doing – the theme. As a result, a man disappointed (but not realizing that he’s a stupid deer) sees that others are earning something and he does not get anything, immediately on the mind (even a stupid deer) comes the idea – “but why not take from their own” . Most often, you get scammers out of those who bought a enrollment, tried to do veshchevuhoy, he did not work out, but enroll has not died, and he takes on some forum posts “selling mbna enrollment” . To him knocked a couple of people and he sold them all this enrollment. It seems cheating as such is not – all received what they wanted (the factor of selling goods in a few hands, we did not consider) however, with a very high probability none of those who bought the roll did not get anything and attached to the pack of “offended and oppressed” . that’s stage one. Next, he remembered the course of the transaction, again post “sell enroll city” (because it is more expensive) of which 7 out of 10 people knocked normal and 3 newcomers, 7 will not want to work with him because he will not give username and pass forward (he does not have them) and the three will get and buy, transferring wmz in advance. Conclusion – the deer will feel the money and will forever become a scam, even in further possibly honest transactions, his first thought will be “and how the fuck me.

Cheater signs: Cheater wants to get the money faster and he does not give a shit about the outcome of the transaction because in the “lucky” rate it will still remain in the black, so the first characteristic feature of cheaters – rush, they invent a bunch of side factors provoking the acceleration of transactions, pregnant wife, blocking purse, anxiety dropping etc., such “scam” can come up with a lot.

A scammer wants to show he is a smart guy, so he constantly uses too many terms/specific words.

As a cool carder the scammer “lives in uSA” and he is “a bum who has no money for a russian keyboard”. In this case, he writes in transliteration, but sometimes (during a long conversation) slip phrases in Russian. The standard response if you stress him on the subject (theoretically) would be “I communicate with non-Russian-speaking partners” , but he neither English nor Russian. But he himself doesn’t know even 1 word in English or Chinese (it’s easy to check it if he uses another ICQ)


The person writes exclusively in English – the first inevitable conclusion – “he is a foreigner and does not speak Russian” – this conclusion usually immediately increases the level of trust. The fact of not knowing the language in harmonic errors and permanent smiley faces or emotion signs. On the type of oh how itchy hands, and a little more and I’ll divorce him. In most cases, this is a real deer / housewives who do not speak Russian or as often and is our compatriots – cheats. Check it is quite simple, as well as in the paragraph above, knock with another ashi, the main options knock: to offer him something from which he can not refuse, knock on behalf of “Masha” which filled with all the information in assi and which wants to get acquainted, most often a hustler bite.

Nick. As soon as you see Express, Fast, Easy, etc. adding the word cash, cache, cabbage, etc. to their nickname, you should be careful and actually start checking the person.

icq number. Now six characters is not a sign of “coolness” etc., so it is impossible to judge by the number of ICQ. Similarly with the date of registration on the forum – the example of the “onion” with cw on this attribute too can not be judged.

Number of posts – the potential scammer either too small relative to the date of registration, or conversely a lot of (stuffing posts). Also, it is advisable to read what the man writes on the forums before the transaction with him and assess its adequacy, if it’s a stupid bulkhead posts then draw your own conclusions.

Inadequate behavior/talk – talks a lot of irrelevant, talks a lot about other things, wants to do many things with you at once, makes friends. They also like to yell something like “Oh, you’re a scammer, you decided to scam me?
[In such a situation, they do not have a clue whether they are trustworthy or not. If you want to work for a large sums at once without checking beforehand, or hastening to close the office or excuses to burn drop by test floods, it also shows that you should be careful.

A lot of hustlers began to make posts and at the end of attribute, working only through a guarantor, but when it comes to talk about the transaction is a bunch of excuses and excuses, sometimes even a call to confuse the brain.

Conclusion: None of the factors listed above can not talk about that man kidnapping, but in the aggregate, they let you know that it is better not to do business with him, the general tactics of the kidnapper – to confuse the victim.

How to deal: With untested people exclusively through the guarantor (do not spare) $ 10-20, even if the goods and costs so much. If you will cheat – you will have a negative impression and the money will get into the hands of a deer, which is described above is likely to prompt him to new cheats, and if you pay the guarantor and carry out the transaction successfully, you will have a “trusted” (not the fact that he will not cheat you later for a larger amount) and the seller will get his honestly earned money which in most cases will go to the development forums – all will be happy.

In the case of work without a guarantor, work only with known people or only if there are positive reviews (from proven members to avoid the fact self-writing reviews). Ak rule the beginners in this situation have a hard time, especially there is nothing to show, the material is fed up and want to sell, in general, such a vicious circle and, unfortunately, a lot of talented novice guys have either chucked or just no one wants to work with them, in principle, to avoid such a fate advise to start quietly and without special jokes.
[If you are not sure of the man – do not fuck with him, imposing your own cunning terms of the deal, look for another. If you are not sure about this, do not fuck with him and impose your own terms and conditions, then look for another one.

If you are not sure about this, do not fuck with him and do not let him fuck you over, because you will make a normal person think you are a fuckup, and you will not waste your time and other people’s time.

Yes, in principle, there are few options here, or do the deal through grants or verified people, options mol give your guarantor, too, very often turn out to be a scam. A variant 50 now 50 then works more or less smoothly, although if people do not cheat, then give all 100 in advance is not a problem.

In order to clarify who the person is, especially the one who is knocking you, be sure to ask him to send you a PM on the forum.

Don’t buy pin dumps.

“Perishable goods”

A very versatile topic concerning transactions of perishable goods such as various broken or logged aces. So the real owner can always change the password and other data. That will set up the seller of such goods. Next hovering theme of selling in multiple hands. So the only option – to buy goods of this type only from trusted sellers, it is better to wait a bit and buy a good man than to hurry to buy a 1k ftp aces from a deer and the next day to find out there in addition to their even a bunch of Iframes, examples of such deals the sea. Sale of any actors where the system has an IP 2 Location ie if you go to the account with different proxies the system traps the account. as in principle, logging on to the account at the same time … PayPal, Etrade, Scottrade, etc. . What is more important for whom to decide for yourself, but the advice is the same to use only trusted services. In this case, no guarantees will not help because keep track of the sale of goods in multiple hands, you can already by the consequences when almost nothing can be proven (reseller will stand on his own that the product has gone bad himself “for the expiration date” and logically will be right).

What to do if you suspect you are communicating with a scammer:

The essence of the psychology of communication here is the same, the nerves must be resilient and take the whole conversation as humor. It’s easier that way. In general, as soon as you suspect that you want to cheat, shout you cheater! I spotted you senseless because it immediately begins to fall a new noodle, I bought this asu yesterday, etc.. And as a result of registering a new nickname, new asia, etc. Instead of spoiling their nerves and time, begin quietly dilute the man in infos. Since he can not wait to get the goods and as usual happens all the time for some reason it is something podzhivaet, or he well ochechchchchno very busy (usually looking at porn sites) is quite easy to lure information that could save a scam honest Carder. The more information so luchae, the questions you can ask under any pretext, the voices of another there? or let’s call or tell the number of the purse, or let’s forward the sky only without droops because the money is clean in general fantasy you have to be otherwise what you will do with the earned money? Then the collected info logs post on a forum add in base if the fact of kidnapping is evident.

What to do if you’ve been scammed:

immediately submit a complaint to arbitrage wm , with high probability the fraudster will not have time to withdraw the money in the complaint is natural nepisat about the goods transaction or write something left that type of advertising, hosting, etc.. add it to the base post logs on the forums. not be enacted on the subsequent proposal to remove the complaint from wm scam in exchange for 50% of the amount in the purse (except in the case of the keys to you).


Quite often cheaters unite in packs and organize forums like dumps.**** carder.**** and so on. On such forums come to such newcomers packs usually (because they can easily be found in search engines) and their owners in every possible way PR them, this forum usually has its own “guarantor” and the text of the rules borrowed from other forums). The “guarantor” in this case is the main scammer together with the administration of the forum which usually sells msr206 pin dumps and provides the service for dumping dumps with pin and other nonsense.


They are old and experienced scammers, they do not scam by the small stuff, they are registered on the forum (if possible, several nicks at once) and “pumping” nickname honest transactions (reseller) / appearance of transactions (self-recalls). Against them practically useless because they are difficult to calculate. Newbies are not affected by their actions for the most part. Such fuckers should be calculated by the administration of the forum (ip and other signs). But to prove that “it’s him” is quite difficult and most often possible already on the fact of cheating.


Rascals can be called reindeer who pre-sell services, occurs mainly in the advertising section. They themselves are unaware of it, looking for customers and relay customers through their own ICQ ICQ ICQ itself becoming a hustler, eventually hustler dumps two deer, and the deer gets into the crossfire. Do not buy any crap you are offered through ICQ, it is 100% a scam. Gathers the ICQ on forums and offers what he does not have.


Fuckers is a word consisting of two opposite words, fuck and brain, physically do it realistically only if you work in a morgue Yes, and after the first try I do not think that you will work there next. Shrinks they aka Obelchalki, people who load you or try to load you up to the tomatoes of their reasons are different, but usually these people are people who can not speak the truth or energy vampires, there you can get into philosophy, but let’s still come back to the topic. So such people very often will begin process brainiac that it is urgently something from you and if you will not give it their, and actually life of all planet will be finished… in general it is characteristic the first then there will be a noodle in which very probably that you will drown and then basic points of definition throwers

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