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This article may help someone. It is written for cognitive purposes only and does not call for action. so to say, food for thought and creation


I will not tell how to register an account or where to take him, because such articles enough and once again pour out the water does not want to. Try to write on the essence (without going into the wilds) and more or less clearly describe the input-output of money and interaction with other systems


The PayPal payment system is designed for transferring money between users of this system. As a rule, honest taxpayers do so, but there are other people who have other interests. Below will be described deposit and withdrawal schemes used by other people.

1st refill method.

2nd way to recharge.

I bought an account (what kind of account? Hmm. I don’t know), the e-mail on this account was changed to ХХХХХХХХ.som, then from this account I poured 1k dollars to systemforex, after pouring the account was closed. systemforex someone pretended to play at currency rates, like a great trader. After 3-5 days a new account was opened in np, but with the old e-mail xxxxxxxxx.som, and similar data and the money already laundered (withdrawn from trading) to a new account. read the rules for deposit and withdrawal of money systemforex and you will understand why it was done so and not otherwise.

now a little bit about withdrawing money.

1st output method

On the boundless expanses of the Internet, there are offices (like ****.som) that accept payments from pp and make transfers to the bank account. The limit for these companies is USD 1,000 per day on average. The CIS and Baltic countries are ignored. – Knowing the locations, you can withdraw your honestly earned money without any problems.

2nd method of output.

In one Promised Land there was once a withdrawal of money to ss (it probably still works). It’s Israel. When you open an account in pp you attach Israeli bank’s credo, verify it and, as a consequence, you can not only pay with it, but also withdraw money from pp account to the credo.

3rd output method

Recently there was a function of accepting money from pp. If I’m not mistaken … z-******. The function of an exchange of Pn into other currencies in this system is intended for webmasters and so on who on their sites accept payments from bourgeois via Pn. What you need to do in this situation? To register in the payment system. Verify your account with the help of documents or personal certificate from webmani. pour from your account to the account in z-*******.

This article is still raw and unfinished. it was written in 37 minutes. Please do not judge strictly and do not pay attention to lapses, inaccuracies. As possible, or with the advent of the muse, I will complete it and update it.

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

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