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This article is intended for beginners, as well as those who have not worked in this subject. I will tell how you can quickly! with minimal investment! earn a lot of money (20-100% of the amount vbiv). The proposed technology is based on PPC systems. Read more about them here [search google] MUST READ!

While viewing the link, pay special attention to where the money is coming from in this thread, for no future stupidity.

After reading the article you will be an advertiser. You will then be both an advertiser buyer of targeted visitors (for cardboard) and an advert (seller of targeted visitors) for vmz.

The main goal is to buy the target traffic (visitors) (by target we mean visitors who searched for something in search engines (pills, porn and other trash)), and sell it to someone, and in particular to PPC for vmz.

PPC consists of two links FEED-providers and the PPC itself. We will be mapping traffic from the feed provider and selling it to the PPC.

The main factor in this topic is the right choice of keywords. In order to get the maximum yield from the skarzhenogo traffic, it is necessary to use the words for which PPC pays dearly it can be pills for weight loss . The price for an interested visitor on the topic of weight loss can reach $ 5. – And so… now closer to practice…

1. We take a feed provider, for example, Go to the site and make an account. Refill the balance (from the card of course), add an advertisement (this will be mentioned later)


2. Register on any PPC, for example ***** Install feed (a special script they give for hosting). We go to this feed and type in a search query the word we need (hapah). As a result, we see a bunch of ads. Their text can be used for your ad, which we add to the site at the feed provider.

3.We wait for feed provider to populate the ad. We masturbate to statistics at PPC, if ad text is correct, bids are set (price per click on the word), you get good yield, otherwise it’s a big bite. That means it’s worth changing the ad text/bids.

4. If the traffic didn’t go from the feed provider, it means you’ve zuoed the cardboard. Apuff usually happens 1-3 days.

Traffic is one of the few things you can buy for SS and sell for WMZ. And if you sell it well, it will cost you more than you actually bought it. Turnover is serious and you can make quite a lot of $ per day.

Major feed providers: ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

Major PPPs: ***** ***** ***** ***** 1 *****

IMPORTANT] Please note that every internet provider has a main feed provider: umax has miva ***** ***** and in no case you should not feed traffic to the main feed provider and do not let it to the internet which works with it as the main one, because they will be banned 100%, i.e. if you send traffic to miva you should not let it to umax.

In a nutshell, may be unclear and incomplete, ask questions, we will supplement the article.

ps: after my activity requires ringing. you don’t have to drive traffic, you can as an honest user do DORWAYS as described in ***** and earn as much as you do on driving and even more. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting carded or not. Vbivat better $ 200-300 with vbv or msc and then when traf propet replenish account on a pair of K all the stupid questions prinmmayu in PM or in asyu.

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paypal cvv shop

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