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For a long time I wanted to share with the community the story of my first more or less big earnings in carding (because I can’t really name 1-2k of earnings in duffel shop as big earnings).


This article is kind of dirty… Because I’ll burn the topic a bit (thank goodness I’m not working on it myself anymore)… but it’s mostly just a memoir anyway. And to protect myself a little and limit these resources from the influx of overt newbies, I’ll give out links only in P.M. and only to those who have a registration of at least 3 months and more than 10 posts. I will not spell it out to the end. If you have brains, you will understand it. –

So, it all started in the rainy fall of last year. My partner and I had stable income from the duffel shop, but we wanted something more than just a stupid typing-order-checking. I wanted excitement, adrenaline, gambling… so we turned our eyes to the casino theme.

There were no familiar casinos, so we chose a victim almost at random. It was https://www.некий-покер.com, owned by a well-known company.

Having downloaded the software and configured the virtual machine (I think, there’s no need to describe it in details, because everything is already described before me. VMWare, ID-Blaster etc.) we started to explore the mysterious world of Texas holdem poker. First of course, we opened a long FAQ on our site, in order to find out how money gets in the game… and how it goes out. We were in for a surprise.

However, the system greedily swallowed the first deposit and we, out of the blue, put it on withdrawal… in half an hour after input. I know, seasoned casinos are going to shudder with disgust. But we were young and didn’t know how to properly credited accounts and keep them safe. We simply poured money into the account, lost 50 bucks for fun and put it for withdrawal. It was ridiculous to expect them to make it…

We spent the end of the day creating accounts in poker and filling them with 500 bucks from good American taxpayers’ pockets… and at night we put half of them to withdraw. My mind was telling me that it would be nice to create some kind of history for my account, to lose more or to withdraw money from several accounts into one, but my greed was short: You found a casino without antifraud? Don’t waste your time, fuck all you can!

Greediness shut down in a week when 80% of all accounts set for withdrawal were blocked, and only a few transactions reached us. And we realized that it was time to be more subtle. We lost more, withdrew a little less, before withdrawal ensured that the account had 1-2 weeks of history and we tried not to play for high stakes. The money dripped slowly but surely. The amount was satisfying, but we wanted more.

The first crisis occurred when American cardboard stopped being entered. Either they passed a new law or the banks finally responded to chargebacks, but the fact remained that out of 10 American cardboards one was entered at best, and then even less. We shrugged our shoulders, reinstalled the virtual machine’s Windows to German and bought a batch of quality German cardboard. Life went on, but it was clear that it couldn’t last long.

This is already a big article, so I’m not going to describe the method by which we got around the output ban… let’s just say, if the enemy has encircled all the exits, try to exit through the entrance. But by that time other topics were looming on the horizon, and we gradually moved away from this one, because more and more time was required to bypass the anti-fraud, and the money output, though not little, was almost twice less than what we were used to.

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