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In our experience, we always recommend monitoring the ATM for 2-5 days continuously in shifts.

During the monitoring you will learn the main important moments that will affect the efficiency of your further work, it is important to record: * time of visit of bank’s technical staff (collectors), * time of police patrolling this area (time and methods), * intensity of holders flow during the day and when it is maximal (this data will help you plan the best time for installation), * when there are least people in the street (you will know when you better place the hold * statistics about the total number of people that passed through the ATM will tell you the approximate level of income. * when observing it is important to feel the environment of the place, what kind of people come, poor or rich, tourists or housewives. This also affects the potential level of income from the place.

As you observe, you will build for yourself a pattern of operation, places to observe during installation, escape routes, etc.


When observing, dress completely unattractively so as not to attract attention. Your behavior should not attract attention at all, try to adjust to the specific behavior of the people around you.

I invite everyone to share their experiences and thoughts on this topic.

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