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I want to share a necessary utility for stealthy irretrievable deletion of selected files. This program serves as a backup tool for situations where unwanted persons have gained unauthorized access to your PC or will get within a few seconds. This program creates in advance a list of critical files to be destroyed and after entering the selected password the data is destroyed. In our community, I think this is especially relevant. For example, it can be used in two main situations, when you are already being searched and there is no time to select the files for deletion, or when the search is already in progress and you enter your password under any pretext (for example, to help the investigation) and data are deleted in stealth mode. In the program I implemented a threefold overwrite each file with the algorithm dod 5220.22-m. Nowadays three passes are enough to irrevocably delete critical data. The first pass overwrites the data with zeros, the second pass with ones, and the third pass with pseudorandom data. This utility can be useful for emergency hidden deletion of critical files. Within 2 seconds after entering the password, hidden deletion of all selected files starts.

Functionality: Add any number of files for deletion; Select the password that will trigger the program; Encrypt the settings file;

To change the activation password and add the necessary files, run the show settings.cmd file which will show the settings. Or you can run the executable file with the /show parameter

To add a program to the program autorun, run the startup.cmd file.

System Requirements: Windows 7, 512 RAM, 1GHz CPU


If you have any additional questions, feel free to send us a message


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