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Update for 2008. USA 01.01.2008 New Year 21.01.2008 Martin Luther King Day 18.02.2008 Presidents Day 21.03.2008 Good Friday 23.03.2008 Easter 26.05.2008 Memorial Day 04.07.2008 U.S. Independence Day 01.09.2008 Labor Day 13.10.2008 Columbus Day 11.11.2008 Veteran.s Day 27.11.2008 Thanksgiving Day 25.12.2008 Christmas 31.12.2008 New Year.s Eve

United Kingdom 01.01.2008 New Year 03.01.2008 Winter Bank Holiday 17.03.2008 St. Patrick’s Day 21.03.2008 Good Friday 23.03.2008 Easter 05.05.2008 May Bank Holiday Spring Bank Holiday 09.06.2008 Monarchi.s Birthday 25.08.2008 Summer Bank Holiday 25.12.2008 Christmas 26.12.2008 Boxing Day 31.12.2008 New Year’s Eve

Germany 01.01.2008 New Year (New Year) 19.02.2008 Carnival (Carnival) 21.03.2008 Good Friday (Good Friday) 23.03.2008 Easter (Easter) 01.05.2008 May Day Holiday 03.10.2008 Day of Unity of Germany 01.11.2008 All Sacred Day ) 25.12.2008 Christmas 31.12.2008 New Year’s Eve

Japan 01.01.2008 New Year 02.01.2008 Bank Holiday 03.01.2008 Bank Holiday 04.01.2008 Bank Holiday 14.01.2008 Coming of Age Day National Foundation Day 20.03.2008 Vernal Equinox Day 29.04.2008 Greenery Day 03.05.2008 Constitution Memorial Day Holiday for a Nation 05.05.2008 Children.s Day 21.07.2008 Marine Day 15.09.2006 Respect for the Aged Day 23.09.2006 Autumn Equinox Day Health and Sports Day 03.11.2008 New Year.s Eve 23.11.2008 Labor Day 23.12.2008 Emperor.s Birthday 31.12.2008 New Year.s Eve

Australia 01.01.2008 New Year 26.01.2008 Australia Day 21.03.2008 Good Friday 23.03.2008 Easter 05.05.2008 Labor Day 09.06.2008 Queen.s Birthday 25.12.2008 Christmas 26.12.2008 Boxing Day 31.12.2008 New Year.s Eve

Canada 01.01.2008 New Year 06.04.2008 Good Friday 08.04.2008 Easter 09.04.2008 Easter Monday 21.05.2008 Victoria Day Holiday 01.07.2008 Canada Day Holiday 04.08.2008 Labor Day Holiday.2008 Civic Day Holiday 01.09.2008 Labor Day 13.10.2008 Thanksgiving Day 11.11.2008 Remembrance Day 25.12.2008 Christmas 26.12.2008 Boxing Day 31.12.2008 New Year.s Eve 2007.


January January 1 USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan New Year January 2-3 Japan Bank Holiday January 2 UK New Year Bank Holiday January 8 Japan Majority Day (celebrated on the 2nd Monday in January) January 15 USA Martin Luther King Day (celebrated on the 3rd Monday in January)

February February 11 Japan Foundation Day February 19 USA J. Washington’s Birthday (Presidents’ Day) (celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February)

March March 21 Japan Vernal Equinox Day

April April 6 USA, Germany, UK, France Good Friday April 8 USA, Germany, UK, France Easter (celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon following the Day of the Vernal Equinox on March 21) April 9 Germany, UK, France Easter Monday April 29 Japan Emperor Shōwa’s Birthday (formerly Green Day)

May May 1 Germany May Day May 1 France Labor Day May 3 Japan Constitution Day May 4 Japan Green Day (formerly Rest Day) May 5 Japan Children’s Day May 7 UK May Day (celebrated on 1st Monday in May) May 8 France Victory over Fascism Day 1945 May 17 Germany, France Ascension Day

June June 7 Germany Feast of Corpus Christi (celebrated on the Thursday following Trinity)

July July 4 USA Independence Day July 14 France Bastille Day July 16 Japan Sea Day (celebrated on the 3rd Monday in July)

August August 27 UK Summer Day (except Scotland) (celebrated the last Monday in August)

September September 3 USA Labor Day (celebrated on the 1st Monday in September) September 17 Japan Senior Citizens Day September 23 Japan Autumn Equinox Day

October October 3 Germany Unification Day October 8 Japan Health and Sports Day (celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October) October 8 USA Columbus Day (celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October) October 31 Germany Reformation Day (in several states)

November November 1 France, Germany All Saints Day November 3 Japan Culture Day November 11 France Armistice Day (End of World War 1) November 11 USA Veterans Day November 22 USA Thanksgiving Day (celebrated the last Thursday in November) November 23 Japan Labor Day

December December 23 Japan Emperor’s Birthday December 24 Germany Christmas Eve December 25 USA, UK, France, Germany Christmas December 26 UK Boxing Day (celebrated on the 2nd day after Christmas) December 31 Germany, USA, Japan New Year’s Eve CANADA


January 1 New Year /Federal National/

January 2 Traditional Feast /Province of Quebec/

February 19 Family Day / Alberta Provincial Saskatchewan/

February 23rd Heritage Day /Yukon Territory/

April 6 Good Friday /Federal National/

April 9 Easter /Territory Nunavut/

May 21 Victory Day /Federal National/

June 21 Aboriginal (Native Settlers) Day / Northwest Territory /

*June 24th National Day /Province of Quebec/

June 25th Discovery Day /Province of Newfoundland Labrador/

*July 1 Country(Constitution)/Federal National/

July 9 Nunavut Territory Day

6 August Civic Holiday /Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Saskatchewan/

August 20 Opening Day /Yukon Territory/

September 3 Labor Party Day /Federal National/

October 8 Thanksgiving /Federal National/

*November 11 Memorial Day /Federal National/

December 25th Christmas /Federal National/

December 26th Giving Day /Federal National/

* Denotes holidays falling on weekends in 2007. In these cases, holidays will be observed as follows: Although network services are available 7 days a week they will be closed on a holiday that falls on a Sunday; therefore the working week is reduced to 5 or 6 days to observe the holiday as follows: Monday 25th June [Quebec only]; Monday 2nd July; and Monday 12th November. Customers should consult their local network to confirm the dates, hours and services available during these holidays. sorry for the free translation

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