Becoming cryptoboyars or hunting for [ICO]” best buy cc

Greetings Dear forum members, I am sharing information that once abruptly changed my life, I hope it will change yours as well I will save you information and resources all you need to successfully start right now. If you will like and will be useful article which can make you rich, practically without risks for your freedom and money you can vote for me.

To begin with, I would like to introduce you to some basic terms and concepts, so that you will feel at ease in this environment.

1. Privat/Sid/Strategy are different stages of token presale before it goes on exchange.

2. IDO/SHO is an extreme stage of token selling before listing. Often, it is also called Public Sale. These IDO/SHOs are conducted through different louchpads, hence the different names. One louchpad calls it IDO, another SHO.

3. lunchpads a platform that allows the project to hold their public sale. Why does the project need this platform and why can’t they do it on their own? The answer is simple the reach and audience of this platform additional attention to the project.

3. TGE is exactly the project listing. If it says TGE 28.04 16.00 UTC, it means the token will go public on April 28 at 19.00 Moscow time in exchange/uniswap/punky and you can buy/sell it.

4. Unlocks are a phased acquisition of tokens by private/sid/strategists. When you see conditions in tokenomics, for example Private price $0.1 / 20% TGE, then 10% mounthly means that private will receive 20% of their tokens on listing day, and the rest 80% will receive in equal portions of 10% each month. By the way, the IDO/SHO stage is almost always 100% unlocked and you get all your tokens at once. 5. TBA some information about the project may go under the label “TBA” meaning to be announced. That is, at the moment it is not clear, wait for announcements.

6. Cliff cliff is a period during which private/sid/strategy rounds don’t get their tokens at all, for example Seed price $0.05$ / 10% TGE, cliff 2 mounths, then 10% mounthly means on listing a sid round will get 10% of their tokens, then 2 months will get nothing at all, and from the third month will start getting 10% monthly

7. FOMO[/FOMO state when you sold your tokens for $1 and then the price flew off by $5. A feeling of underperformance

8. Rect / Rekt reverse state where you bought at $5 and the price has gone off by $1. Fucking feeling. I know how it feels.

9. Branding / claim not always you get your tokens to your wallet, sometimes you need to brand them. That is to perform the procedure of getting tokens yourself. Often there is a very simple procedure in 2 steps. Hooked the metamask to the site where the branding happens, clicked the branding, paid the gas for the transaction got your tokens.

10. Influencer opinion leader. Often the owner of a crypto publique on the telgi / owner of a Twitter account.

11. Shill run the project’s advertising campaign by an Influencer. Suppose the project needs attention and an influx of people. They contact the Influencer and offer him a private share in exchange for him telling the community about the project and encouraging people to participate in it. This is called “shilling”


12. Allocation / allocation / allocation amount you can invest in the project. For example “we invite you to participate in the project at such a stage, min.allocate $500 / max $2000” means you are invited to invest in the project and the minimum amount of your investment is $500 and the maximum is $2000


13. Stacking / Stake is the process of storing funds on a project’s cryptocurrency wallet to support all transactions on their blockchain. That is, you have an opportunity to lend your tokens to the project, and in return you will be rewarded with the same tokens, but with interest. Let’s say the staking APY is 50%. So you can save your tokens in this project at a 50% yield per annum. Often, the yield will be returned to you in the same tokens. Give 10,000, get 15,000.

One more thing, if you are dealing with crypto and you don’t have social networks, I strongly recommend you to use twitter, medium and telegram (that’s where all the main information flow is) to PLEASE follow all the announcements from the launchpad.

Let me start by saying that earning a HUGE amount of money by investing pennies thanks to crypto is one hundred percent real. And it’s not a joke or a joke, it’s the same button dough, which everyone uses when trolling newbies. I myself have earned my first million by investing only 10000 rubles at the output was 3 800 000, after three months. The only thing I regret, remembering this moment why I have not invested then more money.

So, what do you need to do to raise money like I did? Now the cryptocurrency market is developing by leaps and bounds, it is literally bursting and creeping out of every crevice. What used to seem far away from ordinary life and people is now firmly embedded in ordinary human life. Crypto will soon become an everyday thing for absolutely all people, which means that there will be an explosive growth of the topic for a long time to come and it won’t die down for a long time yet. There are a huge number of blockchain-related solutions being created in the market right now for everyday tasks. And that means thousands of new companies are popping up, offering different variations of software, blockchain, etc. in an unploughed field. And all of them are conducting ICOs. For reference (ICO, Initial coin offering, (read ICO, from English – “initial coin offering [placement]”) – a form of investment attraction in the form of sale to investors of a fixed number of new cryptocurrency units obtained by one-time or accelerated emission)


We will hunt for these ICOs, our task is to forget about the exchange and about trading as such (it’s easy to lose money there, it doesn’t suit us) we will get money on initial sale at the MINIMUM PRICE and we are almost guaranteed to get a HUGE return on them. Here I want to tell what are generally seals of coins on the fingers appears a new company at the start of its way it tries to develop its influence in the network, advertize itself and attracts ordinary users. All this is happening according to a fairly typical scheme users are asked to subscribe to accounts, get likes and reposts to posts, register two friends, create and post memes with the logo on social networks, etc. (There are even absurd requests, such as stuffing tattoos with the company logo, I have attached examples of photos attached) in general, people go consciously for it for the money.


Precisely because such active participants, who were with the company from the beginning, have an opportunity to participate in the so called PRIVATE SALE, the very first limited purchase of coins from the company at the lowest price. As an example on PRIVATE SALE, the price can be 0.01 cents per coin, on the next ICO Sales by 0.1 there is a big difference. This is why getting on the company’s key list at the prime seals is a real juice. Then we have IPO primary sale and the company gives a chance to all of those who have managed to buy some coins with the minimum price. Then comes initial listing and public sale on exchange and here we cream off the cream, because coin is always listed on exchange just above price at which we buy and I can tell you that price is ALWAYS GUARANTEED with not 1 or two X’s, but from 5 to 500 and above (depends on factors, I wrote BEFORE and OUT with it we will decide later)

Thanks to those big, sweet X’s we will have huge money, just like in the fairy tale that became reality. This is the reality of crypto. You’d have to be really !:%#;*!! to not raise money.


We’re done with the fable, let’s move on. Where we are going to look for ico there are several sources where I take projects and multiply my money on them.

The first and most important one is It was the coinlist that allowed me to earn my first money in this topic with its seals. I officially declare to you this is the first site on which absolutely LUCKY ICOs are held. It’s just proven by time, proven so to speak. Companies which are placed there are thoroughly selected and it is quite difficult to get there. But we can be sure, that getting into ico on this platform is almost guaranteed to bring us profit. How do you like the idea, investing 500 bucks to get $200 000? It’s commonplace on a coinlist. for those of you who are picky about words, a little hyperbole by the author to catch up for you)

Usually ICO organizers hold several rounds of seals. Suppose the first round of 0.2 cent, 100 000 coins will be sold, blocking of funds on your account for 40 days (you can withdraw after this time, just before the listing on the exchange), the second round of lock 6 months, the price of 0.1 cent will be sold 50 000 coins and all in that vein, read the description of seals on the site, there is all information.

And here comes the X day when you had your turn and found yourself at the sale. For example, one of the latest sales on Mina protocol coinlist, the price was 0.25 cents, we had $500 to buy, blocking of tokens until May 31, then the listing. The expected price at listing on the exchange is at least $40, you can look at coinmarketcap. Expected even more, I personally expect under 100 dollars, which is 15,000,000 rubles from the 500 bucks I have listed. Out of 20 accounts, I got 2, that is, having 10 aces you are almost guaranteed to get the right queue.

After you buy tokens, you can merge them in the listing immediately, or you can hold them, it’s up to you.


Top spot’s over, let’s move on.

2. DAO maker

Token – DAO, price tag at the time of publication $4.93. You need a wallet for authorization (I use metamask).

To begin with, DAOmaker was practically the first to bring cheap crypto hunters from Rushka to ido,sho and lunchpads in general – and it made many millionaires, because in 2020 it was not difficult to get to their first seals at all. A lot of people back then, I remember, went in “on the fool” and became rich. Thousands of dollars invested turned into hundreds of thousands for fall depositors.

DAOmaker were the first to show the “hold DAO tokens, win the lottery on SHO, pour everything into the cup, take your X’s” model so affordably. The metric itself and the lunchpad system involves dividing DAO token holders into tiers. The more tokens you hold, the higher your chance of winning the lottery.

So what did DAOmakers show us? – They were innovators, proposing the model – “hold our DAO tokens, get access to SHO lottery, pour the received funds into the cup and take your profit”. The basic idea of DAO maker is to divide the people who hold DAO tokens into the so-called TIERS. The more tokens you hold, the better your chance of winning.

Tier 1: 500-999 DAO Power Tier 2: 1,000-1999 DAO Power Tier 3: 2,000-3,999 DAO Power Tier 4: 4,000-9,999 DAO Power Tier 5: 10,000 DAO Power


Each tier will receive a certain number of participants. After tokenseal registration is closed, DAO conducts a lottery for each Tier, and participants in each tier will have a certain probability of winning. People with higher tier will have a higher chance of winning SHO. The odds will be linearly adjusted and will depend on the final number of participants and allocation spots available.

Example: Project wants to raise $150,000, personal allocation-$500, with these parameters there are 300 available winning places, 3000 people participate. Total 3000 participants, of which:

Tier 1: 500-999 DAO Power – 1400 people – 3.7% chance – 52 people will win Tier 2: 1000-1999 DAO Power – 900 people – 7.5% chance – 68 people will win Tier 3: 2,000-3,999 DAO Power – 400 people – 15% chance – 60 people will win Tier 4: 4,000-9,999 DAO Power – 200 people – 30% chance – 60 people will win Tier 5: 10,000 DAO Power – 100 people – 60% chance – 60 people will win

Why this particular system? In the process of development, the project encountered problems that forced them to introduce certain nuances, about which below. So, let’s say DAOmaker recruited 2000 DAO holders. Let’s take for example a project that decided to place on DAOmaker. They want to raise 200 000 dollars, allocating an allocation of 250 dollars to one of the winners of the raffle and they will have 800 winners, about 40 percent of the winners, which is good, but it has caused euphoria among the winners and photomorrhea among the losers. And as a consequence, those who won – begin to multicharge, buy more tokens, those who lost – do the same and as a result we get an increase in the total number of DAO tokens holders with different types, with progression. And for the next sale, again allocate 200 000 dollars, but the number of participants is already 4000 and so on. It would be possible to solve the problem by increasing the amount collected by the project, but it is quite problematic, because they are more important HYIP and they are placed on a few lunchpads with such allocation, attracting bolsheg audience and popularity. And that’s where people’s frustration is born, WE ARE NOT SHOOT again.

What DAOmaker did in this situation – he split his SHO into two different insta models and changed the registration system in SHO 1. SHO as before public sale 2. Seed SHO is an early stage SHO. This is the coveted, presale stage of participation in projects for DAO holders.

Now your dao tokens that you keep on hold are equated to daopower. And you have to allocate as many of them as you want to your total amount of tokens to your seals. Because if you win this amount will be blocked from you for 15 days.


You have 10k DAO. That equals 10,000 DAOpower. You register for sho and send in all 10k to participate. If you don’t win, you get 10k DAOpower back. But, if you win the allocation, then after that you smoke for 15 days until this “daopower” is restored. And then, as luck would have it, the new SHO starts after 4 days. What to do? Either buy more from the market, or crush your stack daopaver. Like, here I’ll put 2k because the project is so bad, here I will put 4k, just if the first 2k will be back by this time, I have another 6k, I’ll spread them out for 2 projects. In general, we get a mini “casino lotto” What we have now many times more projects on the Daomeaker. Runs are almost every day, but we need to think and evaluate them before spending DAOPOWER on them. Something to consciously skip, somewhere to get on the whole cutlet, somewhere to crush it.

The second nuance of the May privat debacle. The price has dropped, let’s buy up.

So my advice if you want to get in at this stage, welkom. 500-2000 DAO will be enough to poke around in their SHO and try your luck in the lottery. I’m also attaching a table of odds for recent projects, for clarity:


Here are the icons of this project in order:












You can go to the site and scroll down, it’s all detailed there. That is, you put your money there, get the opportunity to participate in SHO, your money is fully saved and you get the opportunity to earn MILLIONS on X’s.

3. A2DAO

This lunchpad has been on the market since 2017 and until 2021 they held seals for a private pool of investors. Their community was quite small and shared allotments for projects that are traded with a lot of X’s in today’s market. The demand for tokens then was not as big as now and on the project people entered projects like Dfinity,Casper, DAOmaker and other projects quite easily. In 2021, however, the company decided to start issuing their own tokens, ATD, by developing the ability to participate in seals while holding their tokens on the kosh.

At A2DAO we can enter the project at the private stage and participate in IDO. 1 ticket equals 100 ATD. You may enter both in private and in IDO. The format is a lottery. There are several gradations in the project –

Tier 3 – entry 100 ATD, for very beginners, entry point when the pool of money for participation is very small, private access on the residual principle (when the higher tier did not finish the required amount), small chance to win in ido Tier 2 entry 2500 ATD. Distinguished by small allocation to the privat (in fact, the privat to Tier 3 and 2 comes very rarely, participates in the ido, which in its core bring good X’s in case vygrygosheniya, now in this dash is about 400 people. Tier 1 – entry 10,000 ATD. Good allocations, good chances with their 100 tickets to win the lottery. There are approximately 90 people in this dash. Top ten holders – minimum entry 26.000 ATD. Here participants receive the best projects with small allocations and which are not even expected to reach Tier 1, 2 or 3. Well and the highest allocation to projects that reach lower tiers. 2.5 times higher.

Here is an example, if a project is proposed for private investment, the Top 10 will receive allocation of $ 5.000, tier 1 $ 2,000, tier 2 $ 250, and tier 3 will finish what was not finished tiers older (if left, of course). Well and accordingly 26,000 ATD = 260 raffle tickets for IDO projects.

When the token was first released – its price was around $8, now it has been nicely rolled back to a moderate $2.99, which gives us the opportunity to purchase it at a huge discount compared to the initial investors who were buying at the start)

Right now there are some cool privates on the Solan blockchain expected on the platform, and they are also holding a Solan hackathon where they are going to select the coolest projects on this blockchain perspective into their incubator. At the moment with the current token price it is very comfortable to enter, there are few tokens in circulation and as soon as a good project is announced, the price tag will immediately skyrocket.


4., I highlight separately. on this resource actual ico are laid out, look for high rating and it is almost always guaranteed good projects. Also, very good projects with asterisk are ico from top companies, participation in which is strictly OBLIGATORY. I think you can figure out the site yourself, everything is easy there.

5. is also a good crowdfunding platform where projects are listed just follow the news on placement.

What to look for when choosing a project for an investment

1. Noname team. This doesn’t mean that a project should have only a team behind it that has already managed to launch a bunch of cool products. No. Nowadays the market is such that a complete noname person can come up with a great idea and within 2 weeks find support of funds and partners and release an interesting product to the market. Know-nothing means you cannot find any information about the team at all. Neither on off.resources, nor in groups on the tv, nor on the medium. A team that doesn’t show their faces, doesn’t link to Linkedin and apart from an avatar on the telg there’s nothing there behind the back. That’s an important first bell.

2. Conducting an AMA. AMA or “Ask Me Anything” is an interview the CEO of the project gives on some source, where he answers questions of the community. Often, the AMA can ask uncomfortable questions, so if the CEO does not plan to embarrass himself, he simply does not give these AMAs. Also an important bell, since any project that wants to position itself in the market after TGE must talk about their plans, their ideas and convey the value of their project to the community. Otherwise, it’s just a bribe, which will end with a phrase “well, I didn’t promise you anything, so sorry, dough in your pocket and I’m off.”

3. fund support. This is a very significant thing, as any fund has its own recourse manager/research department, which filters outright scum at the start and the fund does not get into it. Funds can be added to the project all the way to TGE, so if there are a few days left before TGE and the project has not yet attracted anyone in its entire existence this is also a reason to think.

4. Idea of the project and its essence. This is a very interesting point, because there are not so many new projects nowadays; quite often all of them try to choose the existing competitor, take its model, improve it a bit and enter the market thinking that THIS IS THE BEST AT OUR COUNTRY. That’s not a very good idea. While they do what they think “will be better”, the incumbent competitor will simply add that to themselves in two buttons and the value of such a “new” project will immediately disappear.

5. Referral system for presale/public sale. In general, this is not a scam factor, but a factor in attracting attention to the project. But there is a very important trigger at this stage. As long as the referral system works, funds will definitely notice this project. And here if during this time they did not enter it a big reason to think that except for referral and 50k subscribers in twitter/teleague there is nothing behind it.

6. Period from project creation to TGE launch. If you see that it took the project less than 2 weeks from creation of the off-line channel in the TVG to the launch of TGE, this is a super important signal. It means the project wants to enter the market quicker and collect money at presale/public sale quicker. In 2 weeks, it is impossible to build a normal ecosystem, recruit partnerships, convey the value of buying tokens after the public sale. Most likely, the team is pursuing one simple thought in such a case: to quickly take money from those who are ready to bring in and suck the project down.

Always do your own resurvey before you pay something somewhere. And if you do skim in the hope of unloading in those who come in later do so for the amount you’re willing to safely lose.

Everything brilliant is simple, especially in our amazing times. The entry threshold to my topic is extremely low, everyone CAN afford it and change their life by becoming a boyar. This article is different from others in that you do not just read it and forget, and you can already 29.04.2021 to participate in the OFFIGUISH sale COVALENT on koinlist with me, INSTANTLY ALL REGAINED. Well, and many others. This stuff should make you want to get into this business, so I won’t turn down your vote appreciation and pluses)))

At the end I will post a list of the MINA, CLOVER, ACALA, CERE, CASPER, COVALENT, BENQI

fairy projects that took place in APRIL ONLY.

and it’s only April, guys.

best buy cc

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