best cvv sites 2021

The most important negative side of helping is that the more people know about an activity in carding, the more damage it does to the field as a whole. Answer yourself one question, do you need competitors? Why do you need more and more people to find out what you know, even if it is just a little part of it. If you are any good at science you can build a mathematical model of a good old fashioned pyramid scheme, if in the form of a fucking fund or an MMM company a pyramid scheme will look like this in the beginning:

and then like this:

While the conditional pyramid of one topic or another in carding will change from


That is, the layer of newcomers does not strengthen the base, pushing the one who came up to the top, but on the contrary spreads along the bottom, eventually forcing the conditional organizer to go lower and lower and then to the bottom – this moment is commonly called a “dead theme”.

The second, not unimportant point is that helping newbies breeds scammers. How? Very simple. We have 2 ways of preventing newbies. 1 st is the one who does not want to do anything and immediately decided to rip 2 nd is the one who wanted to do something and knew everything in theory, but in practice, he cheated. How to spot a scammer if you have doubts about the person – the first and most important is incompetence. You ask him leading questions about his service and when he cut once or twice sends him screwed. Right? So pass the first barrier to cut off ripak helps section of our forum or any other similar forum, he just gets the information ready (regardless of its category, ie it gets it in order to work or immediately for the purpose of fraud – it does not matter) and then uses not as intended =). The second barrier – it’s feedbacks, well here again it helps a penny from the first ditch for 4-5 asks beautiful and insanely fluder logins on the forums. At the content of posts people look rarely (especially if there are more than 100 is difficult) look at the count. And where the newcomer can flub so that not to rub for stupidity? In each topic on 5 kopecks, but most of these themes occurs precisely in the section to help newcomers, because the elementary questions are easier to answer and support the conversation. Well and then you trustingly transfer money to faggot and he repeats the procedure of assek and registration already with a profit.


Here are the main points of my conversion =) No offense if I offended anyone undeservedly, but my opinion is summed up: If you are a beginner you will understand everything sooner or later, with help faster, without help slower but you will understand and work. If you don’t understand at all, then you either don’t need it or you are a dolboy – you don’t need those in carding.) And if you already know and know something and are able to make some money, then how to use this information is up to you, but if after reading this analysis you haven’t doubted in silliness of wasting information – then you probably belong to that category, which “don’t need in carding (see above)”. And I do not give any more useful advice and I ignore all with requests and stupid questions. If you really need help, I’m always glad to listen to you on ICQ – but if you’re lazy asshole then add yourself into ignor yourself, I have an expensive mouse, reduce wear and tear on clicks =)))))%

best cvv sites 2021

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