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Promotion, all August shipping at $35!

We are glad to present you our USA drop project Carders Brotherhood for receiving and sending packs in USA. Our dropshippers are not only ready to receive packages to their address, but also to pickup packages in their own name and the name of the cardholder from FedEx, UPS and DHL outlets within 20 miles of their address! Also, our intuitive and automated admin panel will allow you to pour labels to droppers yourself to save your precious time.

We will send you any stuff whether liquid or illiquid, except drugs, weapons and Gift/Credit Card Envelopes* for a fixed price. Shipping from test drops is free!

Our support team is on line with dropboxes and is ready to answer your questions about the operation and status of your packs from 19:00 to 2:00 Moscow time. We always do our best to make sure the whole shipping process runs smoothly and successfully. All dropshippers receive a daily phone call and SMS to notify us about new jobs. In case of problematic packs, we will call couriers at your request and correct the address/make a request for re-delivery.

Drops have an average life span of 1 month, drops are diluted. There is a mix of staffs available to work with. All activities from A to Z are done through admin panel.

We’re staffers ourselves, and the drop project was created for our own needs, which allowed us to gain experience and sharpen all the little things for operational work. Now that the turnover and possibilities have grown, we are happy to give you the opportunity to work with us at an attractive price.

To register in the service, you need to send me a link to or with your username, password and toad and/or telegram for contact. To register are allowed forum members whose accounts are older than 6 months.

Our benefits:

1) We work WITHOUT PAYING! We accept your item and ship it to you by your own label without requiring you to pay shipping costs before delivery. All you need to do is qualify to register. 2) EACH STAFFER GETS 3 PACKS FREE OF CHARGE PER TEST DROP. This is the best option for beginners and for those who do a lot of non-profits. Want to test 10 drops, get 30 packages for free, want to test 20 drops get 60 packages for free, then count on your own gradually. 3) We charge a flat rate for handling ANYTHING! You want to ship a MacBook for $3000, we’ll also charge you a flat rate of $50 per shipment. 4) We always have a LARGE number of addresses in rotation, different states, test and working drops for every taste. 5) Our drops are PICKED UP from UPS/FedEx/DHL in your name and in the name of the cardholder! In addition to accepting stuff to their addresses. Hold should be done in small offices like UPS MyChoice FedEx Walgreens, etc. 6) We provide misers with whom you can collaborate directly to get the maximum percentage for the goods, and not buy it from you for a penny interest as it does a lot of competitors. 7) We made ourselves, by hard work and expenses, initially for ourselves, and later for you!

Our pricing policy:

Forwarding Pack from Test Drop (Delivery to Address) = Free Forwarding Pack (Pack with Delivery to Drop Address) = $50 Forwarding Pack (Pickup Pack from Branch to Drop Name) = $80 Forwarding Pack (Pickup Pack from Branch to Cardholder Name) = $150

Our contacts:

After registration, please carefully read the terms of service which are located in the admin panel, cooperating with us you automatically agree with them. In the case of dumping by working drops, we give compensation in the form of sending the same amount of packs. List of banned shots are in the rules in the admin panel. We reserve the right to refuse cooperation without explanation.

*Packs weighing up to 30lbs are accepted for standard processing. Larger and heavier packs are handled separately. All labels for shipping are provided by the packer. 1 pack is charged as 1 shipment. You may not take credits and bill me later on drops.

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