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Today we would like to talk about a wonderful program which provides high security for your data. The name of this product is BestCrypt.

Admit it to yourself that you really do not care about privacy of the information which is stored on your computer, you think that it is enough to insert proxy into your browser and no one will ever be able to find you and moreover to bring to criminal responsibility. In fact, it may turn out to be a completely different way; the corrupt officials will come and take your computer and you along with it. After a while, they will find there all the material that you have accumulated for many months/years of staying in carding. And then it will not be so easy to get rid of credit card numbers, bank accounts and the like information, and generally, it is much more pleasant to know that only you have access to these data. That’s what BestCrypt is for.

BestCrypt features:

BestCrypt creates a special container file, when you access this file you will be asked for a password, and after entering it a new, so called virtual disk will appear in the system. On this disk you can do absolutely the same actions that you do on other disks in your operating system (C:\, D:\, E:\ etc.), but all information will be encrypted with one of your algorithm choices (Blowfish, Twofish, Rijndael, GOST 28147-89) and nobody but you, who knows the password to the container, can not get access to the information it contains. Another important feature of BestCrypt is possibility to create a hidden container. This means you are hiding an encrypted container inside BestCrypt container, thereby hiding more important for you information and giving out the password to the main container without fear for the secrecy of your important data.

Now I will show you step by step how to configure and create a virtual disk in BestCrypt.

Install the program. Everything is clear here and there are no problems. After you restart your computer you can get to work. First, we need to create a container for our confidential information. To do that, right-click on the BestCrypt icon in the lower right corner of your screen, select BestCrypt Control Panel from the pop-up menu and the following window will appear:


The main BestCrypt Control Panel window has two panels My computer on the left and Container List on the right. The My computer panel shows the list of drives on your computer. In the My computer panel, right-click on the drive where you want to save the container. In the window that pops up, click on “New container”. The following window will appear:

Let’s examine the value of each field in this window.

-FileName container name. -Location where the container will be saved. -Size container size. Ie we define how much information can store our container. -Description description of the container. You can write anything you want. -Algorithm data encryption algorithm with which your information will be encrypted. -Key generator Algorithm which will be used to convert your password into a pseudo-random double-encrypted key. Don’t worry too much about this value, just pick something. -Mount and format now to start using virtual disk it must first be formatted in one of the file systems we want. If we want this to happen immediately when creating a new container, we should select Mount and format now (if you plan to create a hidden drive in this container, you will need to specify FAT file system, the reason for this choice will be explained below)


After you fill in all the required fields, click on the Create button. A password window will appear and you will be asked to enter your password. (Please note, if you ever forget this password, the data in the container will not be recoverable). Then press on your keyboard the keys to generate the special key.

We have just created our first container in which we can store our secret information.

Now create a hidden container inside the one we just created. To do that, right-click on the existing container, choose Properties from the drop-down menu, and enter the password that you set to log in to the container. After that, you should see the following window:

In the Create Hidden Part box, check the box and click OK. Next, a window describing the functionality of the hidden containers will appear, check the Instructions Are Clear To Me box and click Next. The following window will appear in front of us:

This window shows the size of the existing container as well as the maximum and minimum size of the hidden part you can create. You can select any size for the hidden part within this range. All now click Next and enter the password for the hidden disk, then format it and that’s the end of creating our encrypted disk.

Now if we want to enter into a normal encrypted container, we need to enter our first password, and if we want to enter the hidden part, we need to enter the second password.

WARNING There is information below to help you avoid losing information on the hidden disk. 1) You can write some data to the original container before creating the hidden part. But once you have created the hidden part, no data should be written to the shell container. When BestCrypt installs a container, it does not know whether the hidden part exists in it or not!

If any data is written to the shell container, the hidden part may be damaged! BestCrypt behaves as if no hidden containers exist. This is done in order to hide the existence of the hidden part as much as possible. Otherwise, a potential attacker who gets the password for your original container will be able to use debugging tools to determine if there is a hidden part in the container…

Please note: Any change to the properties of the shell container (recoding, changing the algorithm or key generator, etc.) may cause the container header to be overwritten, which may result in information about the hidden part being lost. Therefore, do not change the properties of the container after you have created a hidden part in it.

2) If you create a hidden part, it means that the data stored in the original container is irrelevant and exists only for masking purposes. So you should avoid actively working with this data.

3) Although it is possible to format the shell container using any file system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS), it is still recommended to use FAT or FAT32. It is not recommended to use NTFS, because of the following reason. The NTFS file system has its file location tables not only at the beginning of the disk (like FAT and FAT32), but also in the middle and last sectors of the disk. Consequently, when you write information to the hidden part, it is possible for the NTFS file system to be destroyed in the original container.

The FAT and FAT32 file systems keep their tables at the beginning of the original container, hence the tables will not be damaged when you write some data into the hidden part. As for the NTFS file system, you can use it in the hidden part of the container.

The purpose of this article is to show you what you should do and how to do it to increase your security by several times. In this article we have discussed only the most important features of BestCrypt, for a more complete study it is recommended to read the Help for this software.

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