Big Order Scam (BOS)” dumps with pin 2021

Today let’s talk about scam and give you some food for thought and some basics of this topic. Scam is good because with a competent approach, having created a quality project, or even without it, you can constantly make a profit, having your own accumulated patterns, drops and experience in SI.

I will not consider the most common type of scam site creation online store, factory, laboratory where you are required to make a project, raise in the search engine, process buyers and get money from them for a non-existent product or service.

Today we are going to talk about one kind of Big Order Scam (BOS). Our goal is to get money from the company, for the cost of a deal that doesn’t happen.

It will take: 1. Legend 2. Website 3. Caller 4. Individual flexible approach to each of your clients

To start we need to choose an area in which we will represent ourselves, you can choose anything, I will take the example of a company that deals with agriculture and cow breeding in the Czech Republic (you choose the country in which you have a ready drop). We are a thriving company, we need partners and we have finances that we are willing to spend to develop our company.

Divorce should be conducted simultaneously with several companies, take your time and behave correctly and your efforts will be rewarded. Offer different conditions and excuses for getting money, study companies, upgrade and try new schemes and methods. Each time you will adjust your patterns and work through the legend, the hardest thing to start, and the rest depends on experience and approach to business. To vporoset theme works?, I answer it works!, But it requires diligence and flexibility with clients, in principle, as any business.

Good luck in your endeavors!

by Vinc

dumps with pin 2021

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