Bill Pay (FAQ on sending bank cheques)” dumps with pin 2019

Today, I will try to briefly explain how to send a BILL PAY check (paper).Sending a check we will send to the billing address of our dropping(Decide in advance with the dropper and take a dropper)


First we need bank.akk (suitable banks such as: suntrust,bbt,navy,usaa,53), you may ask why these banks! It’s the right fucking way! =)

Okay, we’ve found the account, let’s move on.

I advise you to recharge the balance in advance on one of the services of flooding because it is very important for us that the Holder has not got the letter from the bank.

It’s important to have a clean system and don’t forget to check for black. Closer to the point…

All set up, dropp taken, start sending bill pay As an example, I took the bank SUNTRUST, I explain why: in this bank can send BILL PAY checks that come on the NEXT DAY (Overnight Payee)! I.e. let’s say on Monday sent – on Tuesday by 10 AM drop the check will be delivered via UPS courier!

I went to the account santrasta, bill pay, manage payee, add and we enter the address of our drop, then select the amount (advise:Send up to 1k a lot of checks, it will be much more productive than every time you try to send 5k and get a response of failure) Selected amount, then click on the calendar and select Rush Delivery ie 15th I sent a check – then come 16go. Click the confirmation and immediately run to Account service to see the Holder’s email !

After that, set the mail to flood (letter from the bank comes immediately after sending a check from the bank site, and then after a while comes an e-mail with UPS track number well and the last letter in which you joyfully reported DELIVERED


We confirm and pay attention to the UPS Tracking Number: Pending, we have to wait (I remind you that the check should be sent from 10 am, it is necessary that the check has time to be processed and you have the track number UPS on which you can always track the location of the courier and check delivery)


As a result: Drops the check sent to the cashier of any bank (preferably of course, that he already had a bank account) or you can cache a check through affiliate offices (search for google)) Amount up to $ 400 drop usually always immediately issued a cashier’s check, over can zahlodit for 1-2 days.

Sorry in advance if something is wrong, faq was written on the spot.

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