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A lot of people have asked me to post an article from the restricted section to everyone, so I’m posting it to everyone!

People write and ask questions about nonvbv bins, so I’ll try to tell and explain what it is and how.

For the 20 years in business I used almost all types of cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Amex, now all of them use technology 3DS, only the name of this chip at each system is different. I will write about Visa and Mastercard, so as 95 percent use them. speech is naturally about merchants with 3DS inside.

I would separate the nonvbvs of Europe and the rest of the world,and the difference is:

1.European novbvs will enter almost everywhere, and all others are 50/50.

2.european novbv most of them do not die immediately after entry, that is, they can be entered more than once, and in the same merch.

3.European novbvs are much harder to find, as many people are after them and it’s hard to get them on the market now.

Next I will write about autoprocessing, why it is so attractive:


1.autoprocessing mechanism launches nonvbv, but for various reasons check does not occur, the transaction continues, as usual, and merchant thinks that the check is passed and gives the green light. Almost all measures are configured this way with rare exceptions.





Now a bit of theory,since many people confuse nonvbv and 50/50 nonvbv,the difference is this:

1.novbv is bin, which gives you pay for any purchase in any country for any amount. to summarize, you can use them to pay any IP, many times while the card is alive in different shops, that is, no locks, restrictions and the rest you will not catch.

If the card is alive, it will give.

2.50 for 50 Novbv is a Bin which MAY or MAY not give (because it may be with the Novbv) a certain amount with certain restrictions such as IP lock, low amount limits, buying in a certain country and so on.

For me personally the worst countries for newbw are USA, Australia, Canada, UK.The reason is that there are numerous restriction and loki, and mat dies very quickly, almost always after entry.And such bins rarely get into eu measures,it is also a minus.

Wrapping up this chapter, a couple of personal examples about the power of nonvbv:

1.engaged in tourism, so, having nonvbv mat, you can make almost any airline ticket from anywhere in the world.The same can be written about hotels.

2.I do not do stuff, only rarely for myself, but over the past 2 months, I ordered myself 2 laptops for 1000 euros and 1500 euros in Germany, Apple Watch 3 and iPhone X 256 GB in England, that is liquid things sent, used nnovbv.

Finding nonvbv is very difficult these days, I spent no less than 100K in 15 years of working with nonvbv mat on tests, on buying from other nonvbv collectors and on understanding what you have to put in and where to get it.I have a nonvbv of some country is not always enough, it is necessary to know where to enter, how to enter and other nuances. at the moment nonvbv bins are slowly dying, here I speak about europe, Asia and MICS, because every year banks protect themselves and introduce 3DS.

Many people ask me how to look for novbv and where, the answer is simple: in processing, typing in 3DS measures, but many banks already know about this method and disable 3DS on dead cards.

2.try to find in public sheets in the net, but there you will find 5 percent of newbv at most, again having spent a lot of money and time on the search. as I did, that is, buy up with small banks, and these banks are easy to calculate from the binbase, these banks have 70 percent of bins still nonvbv.

4.samoe difficult in novbv is to find one or more bins (I nyazyvayu such bins-terrorist) in the bank with 3DS!!! Such bins at you will pass everywhere, as merch looks at the bank, and if the bank is small, there may be questions, to the large bank questions will not be. usually are specific bins, such as Business or Corporate.

5.prepaid,electron and other junk I don’t use in my work,but there’s 50 percent of nonvbv still.

For 20 years I’ve been in almost all online sshop, so I know what a good shop and what a nonvbv frandly shop is. My top three shops for people who are looking for nonvbv bins, they are there:

1.validcc -great shop by nonvbv mat, terrible for everything else. nonvbv mat there very tasty after the upgrade, comes in hot, it feels like right out of the oven. prices are very high, so you need to know what to take!

2.feshop-excellent shop by Eu nonvbv mat, terrible shop on all bases with sniffa, as well as checher lying, the limit of 15 bins and glitchy engine. take your nonvbv bins immediately after the apa, they are here, very often delicious Eu bins.

3.joker-excellent shop in all but preorder, he ruins the whole business!!! Personally, I think that the s shop should be for everyone, and after the apa who first found his boom, he bought, which is fair and just.Author does not think so, I understand that the preorder is an extra dough on the paw owner.In addition,this shop is number 1 on the support,Boss will always help and give a gift vtogonkomu.


This is my first article here, do not judge! I may have forgotten or omitted something, so write comments and ask questions, always answer and help what I can!

Yours, derkoba.

P.S.Those who seek nonvbv in shops before the update, nothing good will say, 90 percent of nonvbv buy in the first hours after the update, the remaining 10 have not figured out. so I advise to sit and watch, like me, and you will be happy!

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