Bitcoin. Deposit and withdrawal and practical application. It’s time to move to a single currency!” fresh cvv free

I decided to write a short article, as I am increasingly facing the problem of misunderstanding bitcoins.

A bit of water (you can not read) On Friday once again spent time to complete a small transaction. I was looking for WMZ to BTC exchange, as the buyer only had the ill-fated WM on hand, and I don’t even have a wallet (or rather I have a mini, but the limit does not allow to take more than 5000 rubles). To my direct question why do you use webmoney in 2014, when there is a modern decentralized and anonymous Bitcoin cryptocurrency, I heard the standard questions, but there was jumping rate and yes how they are actually start output and etc.. Searching for exchange services on Friday night, the deal was not held and was postponed until Monday. By the way, my relationship with webmasters has become cold, and the last straw was when in 2012, my personal Attestat was blocked with a total of wmz on the board with a question to clarify your transactions. and a long list of wmid’s, which I paid for anything with these eternal markings for webdesign, text translation, consulting services, etc. Spent a few weeks in long correspondence with the helpdesk. It was unblocked, but that was the first and last bell. Since now LibertyReserve is used only for small payments. But, as you know, the lib later left us. Seemed to be the downfall of anonymous payments in the inet, but

The information provided below will not be new to many people and there won’t be any great secrets either. I just wanted to create a link in order to be able to send the link to newbies searching for the how-to-why-to. As it turned out from personal experience, newcomers just most often know, but the old school does not trust


I will not describe the principles of bitcoin, there is an article about it even on this board. Just working points of BTC handling, namely ways of input-output and cryptocurrency handling through exchanges.

Let’s start with the main thing. Of course, the volatility of BTC against currencies is wild at times. Now it is more or less settled, daily bounces are not more than 5% round-trip, but it is still unpleasant, especially when changes are negative. The way out is simple, keep money in BTC exchanges in currency and buy bitcoins only just before transferring (buy-transfer takes 1 minute).

Let’s look at the major exchanges for an example:

1. A bit steamed sometimes with balance holds for 24-72 hours if you drop more money than usual. But their dollar codes BTC-E, you can easily buy 1 to 1 in runet ( for, for example, the same Sberbank (cash in rubles at an ATM and in 10 minutes without loss you have the bits). There is an input QIWI, Yad. BTCUSD purchase rate is always the lowest. They were tight tight with Hold when I had to buy 4k, I left this exchange only for this reason. Thisservice is not suitable for BTC pushers only. I will useonly one-time address to buy BTC, so I will not use this service as purse . 2. Now I mostly change rubles only here. More loyal to fast I-enter-exit transactions. I used it for about one year, no problems, I did not pass the verification. A 5$ scan should fit in there if you need more security and safety. Input BTC by single-use addresses, so this service is not really suitable as a wallet.

Deposit in rubles instantly with up to 4% commission:


Dollar Deposit:


Buying is convenient, no need to watch the current exchange rate (like on btc-e), but just make a trade on the market for the right amount:

Couple of seconds and you already have the bitcoins on your balance, you can send them to your client (only confirmation of withdrawal by e-mail link and all). The commission of 0.001 BTC ($0.32 at current exchange rate) is taken by pool for fast payment processing (6 confirmations usually take an hour or less):

There is also withdrawal (btc-e is more complicated with it, only Yandex can withdraw for 0.5% 500RU). There are limits, but they apply only to the transaction.

3. This resource is suitable for EU and US or just as a wallet. There is an app for iOS. Replenishment by bank transfer only. Account verification by sms and first transfer. SEPA transfer from EU account goes 1 business day and is credited WITHOUT commission, but the rate is a bit higher, from btc-e differs by 1-5%.

You can create several personal permanent BTC addresses and use them as a wallet, even if you are not going to top up with currency from the bank (sms verification is enough).

Important! You must enter a real phone number, because important actions require a confirmation by SMS.

Process of buying BTC for EUR:


Sending bitcoins is instant and with a small fee of 0.0001 btc.

4. For bitcoins in your pocket, I recommend creating a wallet on It’s just an online bitcoin wallet. You can use both web and iOSAndroid app.

Instant creation of a new btc address. User-friendly interface (screenshot for iOS):

Sending bits. You can scan the address from the QR code with the camera (the icon on the right in the to: line).

Fast. No limits. Anonymous. Regarding the latter, there’s one but. All transactions in bitcoin system are public. That is, knowing the address of the recipient or sender, you can see where the coins went next (for example, on the same Binding address to somebody’s identity is tricky, but theoretically possible, if the final address will be identified in some way as an exchange address, for example (who will have some data about you, IP at least). This was mentioned in articles about the Silk Road creator and his reception by the feds. Or in the story of the largest bitcoin scam of $40M, which was essentially investigated to no avail. In general, if you are paranoid or just want to be on the safe side, there is a great tool called bitcoin mixer. The idea is that you throw your bitcoins into common cauldron, digital ether with thousands of addresses, and they will return to you after few hoursdays (you indicate) by portions in arbitrary amounts from arbitrary addresses to addresses you indicated. Commission ranges from 1 to 3%. Plus the service is on the torus.

It’s simple. All it takes is time.



The screenshots above show the mixer interface As of this writing, the address in torus is foggeddriztrcar2.onion

The guy who hacked SheepMarketplace and stole 96000 BTC had only one problem for the mixer this amount is too huge, as this scheme is only possible if there is at least the same amount of btz in the mixer.

If you ever have such problems, please contact me, I will help you to withdraw 100-500 BTC


To sum up I would like to encourage everyone to switch to BTC . If when dealing with a partner you see a person’s reluctance to use bitcoins just because of the unstable exchange rate, discount this article. This is usually almost the only reason for fear of cryptocurrencies. If it’s absolutely tight and you can’t change the mind of a Neanderthal, then excellent automatic instant exchange service from the same board will help you.

Just imagine the possibilities if everyone used bitcoin globally! For example, from a topic close to ours: I’ve put several drop-ins on BTC payroll, throwing them a manual on how to withdraw coins to a bank account (coinbase). I.e. no losses on WU and PayPal transfers and stuff. But, of course, everyone has different legends, it is not always easy. Another example of tax evasion in the US. Those who are sitting on welfare, afraid of all sorts of Westerns, bank transfers and other apparent income for which you can easily get off the dole. Bitcoin is indispensable (btc – prepaid atm) for dealing with such comrades.

p.s: I am not looking for any commercial gain with this article. All links above are not referrals. All the examples are simply from my own personal experience. I’ll name a dozen services like this at a glance, but I just use these.

I hope someone will find it useful.

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