Bonus Hunting 2019″ altenen accounts and database dumps

Hello all, dear forum users. Something very few people write articles, especially on gambling, so I decided to share. This article will not contain any private schemes etc., but just some sorted out information on the topic of bonuseshunting. The last article on this topic was published in 2006. But the same as carding, the hunting is still alive and well, it only changes from time to time. So, let’s begin. Firstly, I personally subdivide bonushunting into 3 directions: poker, casino and betting. Secondly, bonuses come without deposit (they accrue after registration, without making dep) and on deposit. I will consider exactly no deposit bonuses in casinos and poker, because basically they and work all my life. So, what is the goal of bonus hunter? Our goal is to get the bonus, launder it (to fulfill all conditions of the action), and then either to withdraw the balance or to sell its percentage to nalers or poker players.

Why do casinos give out freebies? Because they want to entice players to start playing, and then they will deposit and lose their hard-earned money. Since an honest man is difficult to launder the bonus, and even if he does launder and withdraw the winnings, the psychology of having won, I may win even more! And then the player is always in the red at distance.

What is a laundering bonus? When you are given a bonus, it is subject to a wager, which is the minimum amount of wagering you must do. For example, a $10 bonus with vagerwager x40 means that having a $10 bonus, you must wager $400 at the casino to clear the bonus. Then, the remaining balance goes to your master account, available for withdrawal, but the casino often indicates the maximum possible winnings beyond which you can not withdraw. For example, if max cashout is $100, even if you launder your bonus and you have $300 balance, you will be able to withdraw $100 and the rest of your balance will be written off. In poker there is usually minimum rake (commission), which you will have to pay to the house while playing (rake is taken automatically as % from each hand), when required amount of rake is gained the money also goes to your main account.

There are some shops where the balance can be transferred from casino to poker betting and back. In these companies, if we will wash away the vager, you can transfer the entire balance in poker and flush it to your withdrawal account (ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT Poker is, IF NOT, DO NOT ENTER) or flush the balance to sell poker player for a percentage. In these and all other poker houses, you can withdraw our laundered no-deposit.

And now a short course on how to find the sweetest offices. 1) Determine the country you want to work with 2) Googling no deposit bonus and the like (usually the most normal no earlier than 5-10 pages google) 3) Learn the terms of the action. If they are not spelled out, we learn them through live chat a) Wager the smaller the better, preferably x50 b) max cashout the more the better, preferably 150$ c) Check where this bonus is available, if it is available in roulette 4) Learn if you need documents for withdrawal, and which ones if yes. 5) Learn if you have to make a deposit? There you look at methods depa and withdrawal, there are such payments, where we can take lava 6) Learn withdrawal deadlines (but some offices withdraw weeks) 7) trying to register an account and get a bonus 8) try to win an account 9) compare a few offices among themselves, to find the best conditions, which spent less time on registration, etc.etc. minor nuances 10) choose the juiciest offices by conditions and registration and milk them

When you search, you will find no deposit bonuses in the form of $5$10 balances, etc., as well as 102050100 freespins. Freespins are free spins in a slot machine. With balances is easier to work with, you can go straight to play and launder, but often the freespins are more profitable, though burdensome. Find out at what rate fpispins and in what slots they are available. It happens that the action 20 frispinov and one slot bet 20 cents, and the other 50 cents (this is usually due to the number of lines in the slot, and this is a different minimum rate). And the same freespins can give an average of $ 5-10-20 with vager much less than with just a bonus balance.

Where do I play and win? I usually play roulette. Imho there is no strategies etc. to make a good balance, so it is better to put everything on 1-2-3 numbers by your intuition. I personally call it a hunch, and let someone call me crazy, but I reperiodically going to roulette notice how lighting up a number, or hear the dealer calls it, or just in the head comes out of nowhere, and if you also bet!) Believe me, over 9 years and hundreds of thousands of bets at roulette is the best choice) Although everyone has his own cockroaches, but not the point. In general, naigruete roulette normal balance, and then go to spin in the slots to launder vager (as in roulette, or vager is not considered at all, or considered 20-25%). Who poglazhete those make a few akc with an average balance and pour into each other in online roulettebakkarestavkah, but it every day, more and more often exposed by security service casi and rooms, and accounts mgut block. So my advice is to wagering in good faith. And on the distance it is more profitable. Do not worry if you can not win and win back the bonus. Sometimes you lose 50-100-200 accounts without any hope, and then you successfully launder a few in a row)


So, we played the roulette bonus, went to the slot, made the right amount of bets, checked the balance in My Account, made sure the funds flowed to the main account. Now it’s up to you. You either sell the account for cashing, or cash it yourself. The latter option is the most profitable, but for this you must have contacts proven drawing, which will make you a set of necessary documents in the shortest possible time, and the ability to use the payments and work with them (including verification). If you choose to withdraw, then usually make a deposit (often companies ask to make a minimum deposit to bind a payment system to the account and it will later be possible to withdraw), and even better BEFORE making a deposit to send all the necessary documents and wait for response from support that your account varified. After the deposition and go play in the office (usually have to make bets 3 times larger than our minimum deposit), and then quietly put our balance for withdrawal. Waiting for the withdrawal, and enjoy our money)

The important thing to look for licensed casinos. How to distinguish between licensed and scripted casino can be found on Google or YouTube. The bottom line is that scriptovyh casinos (Vulkan etc.) slots recoil casino itself controls, and can adjust it podgotirulyz under separate players. In the licensed casino slots payoff for all players is the same, and usually is 90-98%, which is much higher than the payoff in scripts and controlled by licensees and casinos can not adjust the payoff.

Ask your questions and I will answer them below and fill out the article if necessary. Contacts of good drawers I can give in L.S.

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altenen accounts and database dumps

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