Breaking WPA2 -WiFi (2018)” cc site for carding

The first thing in crabbing is not earnings but security. I advise everyone to have a separate laptop for bis, encrypt it and NEVER go online from your or your work WIFI.

There are two options here, either a gms modem with an anonymous SIM, which is slow and you have to keep an eye on the money, or a neighbor’s WiFi. This is what we will talk about. We need a 4gb usb flash drive to make it work.

So go to choose the latest version and download it via torrent, which is the fastest way. Then after downloading the iso file, run the Win32 Disk Imager and insert the flash drive and click the Write button. A more detailed explanation for various operating systems can be found here: . After the program finishes its work, restart and start kali linux from the flash drive. Then after Linux is up, go to console/terminal and start wifite there. Wifite is very easy to use for beginners and will detect the network card and scan the network in a circle. Just wait for about 30 seconds and then press CTRL-C to select the six nearby access points, type them in for example 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and hit Enter.

Wifite starts working, WPS attack happens first, it’s a bit long but out of 6 I broke one that way. If WPS attack failed the wifite tries to intercept wpa handshake. It is desirable to do it in the evening when the neighbor is at home and surfs on porn sites.

So let’s assume we have already broken one network and for all the other 5 Wifite has put the handshares in the home dir into the hs folder. We copy the entire folder to a USB key and restart the computer. Then we go to the services that pick up the WPA password.

For those who are too lazy to download lunix, you can use the best software, maybach so to speak, in my opinion is commview. The crack can be easily found online. How to use it quickly found only this article Old but the principle is clear. It should be done before Save collected packets to a file in TCPdump format.

There are a lot of them, but I’m using these two: I like the first one more, go to her upload our cap files there. Page will complain if you try to upload more than one file from one ipi. A workaround is easy via socks or tor browser. Once uploaded, choose how to transfer over, there is a free option first try it. Downloaded all 5 files now wait a couple of hours. Free brute force breaks fairly easy passwords such as cristina1997. From my example out of 5 broke two. If we are not enough 3 already broken accesses, then we take the remaining 3 handshaqs and download them again and select advanced search. It costs about $ 35, yes dear, but if we directly need then pay by the bit and wait. After such a breakthrough broke two more passwords. You can also select the dictionaries yourself, but I do not do it ever.

So in the end, out of 6 access points, I managed to break 5.

Try it, if there are better options unsubscribe here, Good luck!!!

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cc site for carding

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