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So dear friend today our goal is auctions

All we have repeatedly heard (worked) of the scheme, using which the scammer posed as a buyer or seller (depending on the purpose, stuff or money) We had to use other people’s shares with good feeds, to fill a newcomer accumulated all possible and impossible ways to feed, to register an account in advance, so they caused more confidence … wait. Call customers yourself or order a pringle, but in the end, the whole tedious procedure of communicating with potential customers // If you’re a newcomer, I recommend you read the FAQ on Ebay for everyone xttps://

Now all this can be put to an end

All you need to do is open a company-intermediary.Optimal to recruit workers, so to speak seller managers, posting ads on job sites (goodness such enough) ads in the newspaper also would not hurt. But if you are oppressed by this routine can do a good spam.


Website business card is strangely enough more trustworthy for potential employees, so it should be taken care of.

To begin with train on the goods are not too great value, let it be cell phones, used laptops, guitars, auto parts. In this way you kill two big-eared fluffy creatures, you will learn the subtleties of persuasion, learn what better comes out sale.


All your communication with the employee after signing the contract will be reduced to 2-3 letters (depending on the smartness of the employee, although there are deer, where without them), he starts to work – hangs a lot on eBay and other auctions, wrote to the ads for the purchase, communicating with buyers …


next there are two ways of proceeding: 1.Having found a buyer, he takes it all amount (as he persuades the buyer to take the risk, is not your hassle), then sends you the address of the buyer and the money through all of us favorite system vy/mg with the only deduction, his commissions (you can of course promise him a salary once a month, but when he works for a percentage become faster and more productive) 2.Having found a buyer, he sends 50% of the amount (this option is simpler, the employee realizes that he can not be trusted, so it makes sense that things start their journey on a prepaid basis). then sends you the address of the buyer. you just promise him a percentage of the next transfer who will be after receipt of goods by the buyer (that is never)

Promise your employees bonuses, set deadlines for sales, flatter. You can even make the top managers of your company.

The possibilities are almost endless, all in your hands act!

The scheme is very flexible and can therefore be used in many different variations.

P.S. Please leave feedback, more negativity, it stimulates the brain


Thank you all for your attention

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