Browser leaks information about you (WARNING!)” fresh fullz

It’s no secret that modern browsers are simply stuffed with different spy tricks and Socks with VPN is an illusion of anonymity. Bypassing Socks and VPN you can:

1 You can determine your real location via VPN in several ways 2 Even via VPN by browser ID Google and other offices know that you are you and what IP you change and what you do 3 You can determine via browser that you are a virtual machine like VmWare 4 Via Socks or VPN you can know your real IP address

In the article I will give simple examples of detects


1) WebRTC

internal IP address detection test

Go to with Firefox or Chrome, even through VPN or socks5 will give internal IPs. In this way you can detect the presence of Vmware virtualkka and others. An interesting example is that on USB modems it is possible to find out where you are (the IPs inside the nats are distributed in the neighborhoods). What’s particularly interesting is that you can also figure out neighboring hosts, check out and the article on

2) Geolocation test. New browser features

Install Firefox browser, go to If your laptop has GPS modules, it will determine your location within 20 meters. Trusted sites, including Google, will know your real location through VPN and Sox without your permission. For example, Firefox leaks to without asking, and then you can use your browser ID to find out your real location.

3) Etag is a sure-fire trick for detecting you

4) Browser specificity test (IE features are not present in Firefox, for example)

Try to change the headers for IE in any browser (mimic IE as much as possible) and go to Under Internet Explorer Features it will say No Internet Explorer found and there is no way around it, no matter how you change it, it will still determine that it is not IE


5) Profile systems/fingerprints on a bunch of browser parameters

You can identify that you are you by the hash that is generated from a number of browser parameters (fonts, timezone, headers, javascript internals and more). Go firefox to The point is that all bits of identifying information should be less than 20. Otherwise you may be identified. Which means you can be identified whether you change your IP or not.

6) Mass detection of different browser parameters

Go to with Fox. It defines different browser settings like screen resolution and so on


7) IP Paleo via DNS

Through DNS you can burn your real IP bypassing VPN. Go to

8) Router implementation. Geolocation detection

Here’s an interesting article Go to Enter your MAC address and click Search MAC

9) HTML5 Canvas Fingerprinting

See https://browserle It’s hard to beat this thing.

And that’s all the tip of the iceberg, there are a number of things that no one will say and that even I don’t know

Sincerely, Dr.Cert

fresh fullz

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