Buy/sell BTC Ukraine, Moscow/Peter! WU/MG exchange!” sams club cc

Buy/sell BTC Ukraine, Moscow/Peter! Exchange WU/MG!

Good day dear users! You must have heard about our service for a long time because we have been in the market for more than 10 years. We offer you the updated list of services:

BTC withdrawal in cash within Ukraine with delivery in any city: 3% commission (payment to courier)

cash withdrawal BTC Moscow/Petersburg any sums : 3% commission

BTC withdrawal with subsequent crediting to your card of RU banks: commission 3%

WU / MG / RIA!!!

Exchange BTC to RU bank cards (any) from instantly up to 2 hours Good rate imputed interest

UA courier delivery

There is an opportunity to work throughout the EU CIS

jabber PM’s are spammed All customers please contact us and exchange new contacts!!!!!!!

The minimum contract amount is discussed with a support person. There are no maximum amounts.

So you need any amount of WM or BTC in Kiev or Moscow ANONIMO and on the normal rate !!!! Knock PM l;f,thf pfcgfvbkb you will be surprised by volume and terms!

Deposit and Withdraw BTC with the highest level of service and reliability!!!!!!!

For more detailed terms of service contact support via PM jaber spammed

There is a Jabber Telegram for communication

Control Panel finally works my customers know what it’s about !!!!!!!

Looking for permanent partners

sams club cc

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