Buy SS bases with and without CVV! Wholesale! Expensive! All countries! Buy CC bases!” joker stash cc

Greetings all !!!

Introducing the purchase/realization of CC bases with CVV from one of the oldest teams in the underground !!!

Work with us first of all more profitable than others and certainly more reliable!!!

Here are some of the main points:

We sell material with tremendous speed!!! Like no one else on the market !!! Sales are made through our network of SS shops, some of them hold top positions in the market !!! Due to this powerful sales are achieved !!!

We pay more than any other service! And our panel (your personal cabinet) fully reflects all your statistics in the most convenient form (the validity of your bases, stata on payments, imports, etc.), there you can order your payment, the best panel on the market !!!

Paid in any convenient for you internet currency, as well as in ru / ua banks !!!

We accept bases from 100 to 1000000000000 ss for release !!! Thanks to our great panel you can import the bases yourself !!! They go on sale immediately !!! No more transferring links in jabbers and no more waiting, the whole process is automated for your convenience !!!

Iron guarantee of our decency on request will provide feedback from reputable people about my work, also work with a guarantor !!!

We are interested in the following bases:

? Fresh bases from the hack of online stores, processors, merchants, various gateways, etc. ? Fresh bases from spam, fake.sites, logs, etc. ? Of course, databases from sniffers. ? Any other source of fresh databases.

Not interested:

Dead/old bases. Tenth hand bases with negligible percentage of validity. Various dark personalities with bases from publique, don’t waste our time !!!

We are only interested in serious suppliers/hackers with bases of good quality, quantity from 100ss and more, to hackers/suppliers with big volumes the best conditions on the market !!!

Jabber contact:


I rarely read PMsPlease write directly to Jabber =====================================================[ENG]=============================================

Hi everyone!

I offer buyout/selling bases of CCs with CVV from one of the oldest team in the underground !

To work with us is more profitable and reliable than with others (just take a look at our deposit ) !

Some points:

We sell your stuff with extreme speed! As no one on the market! Sales are made through a network of our CC Shops which some of them are TOP on the market. In this way, we achieved strong sales.

We pay more than other service. Always. Your supplier panel (Personal Area) is showing you all the statistics in most convenient way (valid rate of your bases, withdrawal statistics, imports etc). Also youre able to withdraw funds through the panel at any time. The best Personal Area on the market!

Make withdrawal in any internet currency. Also on Ukraine/Russia bank accounts.

For selling we accept bases from 100 to 1000000000000 pieces! Youre able to import bases through Personal Area by yourself. Uploaded bases will be in sell in a hour. No more links to ICQ or Jabber. Do everything without awaiting!

Strong guarantees $30,000 on Verified forum. Also we can give feedback of verified people upon request. We always can do deals trought Escrow.

Were interested in next bases:

? Fresh bases from hacked internet-shops, processing centers, merchants, gates etc. ? Fresh bases from SPAM, fake sites, botnet logs etc. ? Sniffed stuff ? Any other source of fresh CCs

Were not interested in:

Old/dead bases. Bases from tenths hands with very low valid rate. Suspicious peoples with bases from public. Do not waste our time please!

Were interested only in serious suppliers/hackers with good quality bases from 100 pcs. per base or more. For hackers/suppliers with huge bases we offer the best conditions!


joker stash cc

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