Bypassing antifraud when typing cc CHASE” m&s cc

Due to frequent questions, why CHASE and Discover cards die after unsuccessful entry, I decided to write this mini-manual on how to bypass the anti-fraud of these banks . Often there are situations where when you enter the ss banks CHASE and DISCOVER cards give out 05 code DECLINE, while the card itself is valid. Now I will try to explain why this happens. Many people buy cards in shops where there is no accurate information on the Holder or the base is old. If the base is not collected from snif, cards are usually more than a month, and during this time the Holder has time to enter his card with the IP address which may not match the card billing (another state, city different from the billing, yes, yes it happens!).

What do we have when we enter such a card?

Now we are not going to talk about theory, only facts which I managed to find out personally when working with these banks. Those are the pitfalls that the only people know about. Entering such cards we automatically get under filters of antifraud system, after entering you catch a declaration, an automatic alert is sent with a request to confirm the transaction and all subsequent transactions on this card will be rejected due to 05 DECLINE, until you go to your email and confirm the transaction.

How to deal with it and how to bypass the filters?

It’s as simple as that. The first thing you need is the real IP address of the Holder from which the card was last entered. Next, select the socket/rdp/vnc/ssh mask of the IP address, if you can not find the mask, find the city. Next, make a typing using the data from the map (even if the city and state may be different from the sox).

This method works for CHASE, DISCOVER, BARCLAYS CARD and possibly other US banks.

P.S. In our shop at all the cards is the real IP address of the Holder. I noticed that many ignore it and do not pay attention, although it should!

Have fun hammering and more tracks, everyone!

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