Caller ID Spoofing (2020)” cc for sale dumps

There are quite often a situation that we need to call somewhere and our interlocutor to get off the phone, which we need. There are a lot of examples, we want to push the pac, you are engaged in Nigerian scam or just need to confirm the phone tranzu sticks and so on and so forth


And so let’s start with what we need:

1) The X-Lite caller for Windows can be downloaded here or twinkle if you use linux, it is installed out of the box. 2) Socks, in my case it would be vip72. 3) Sip service, here you can google your own, but I will show an example, also well proven themselves narayana or (NOT ADVERTISEMENT, to the service is not related). 4) Temporary mail, I sometimes use

And so regaing on with socks, we take the data left, e-mail disposable. Then we go to My Account with the data that came by e-mail and upload via bitcoin balance, it is not necessary to add a lot of 10$ max.

Now take data for X-Lite in the VoIP Accounts tab. Start X-Lite, go to SIP Account and write there: User ID = [emailprotected] Domain = Password = [emailprotected] All X-Lite is ready to make calls. To check your dial in connection to the server dial test number 3246. I always advise to call with openvpn, do not call directly!!!

It remains to set the country where we will call and the phone number. Go to tab SPEED DIAL and choose Select Dialing rule: Russia (if in Russia) or 0 for long distance, 00 for International. Replace 0 with country code 44 (if England). Then the best part, and it has to be done every time you want to change the number. Go to ADD CALLER ID, click on ADD CALLER ID in front of our VoIP Account and write 447911123456, make it true.

Now dial any number and you will see 447911123456 on the other end, if you want to make another number, change ADD CALLER ID and that’s it.


Good luck!!!

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