CANVAS bypass without antidetects” best site to buy cc for carding

Salaam to all you guys 10 minutes ago I found a way to change canvas fingerprint signature A huge list of software I need: FF latest version from official site So here we go 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:[email protected] Changing each value will change your fingerprint. Be careful with the values, they may change your browser beyond recognition, so choose similar values (it may seem like I haven’t changed some values, but they are actually chosen very similar values/colors) Now Canvas works for you Author: InfectedMoney Specially for Verified

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P.S Thanks can say on this wallet BTC 1H1Ct9pm2A8yoyWrC1Ku8VsW6CgkWPBr1b , as well as be glad to bank.akam canada

best site to buy cc for carding

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