carder hunters” kay jewelers cc

Operators …( be prepared that during a search they will find 1kg of heroin in your box and will offer to confess in exchange for dropping the charges (Article 228ch4 from 7 to 15). ZS: To prove in court that heroin is not yours, and you will only increase your sentence by defaming the police.

Experts (find drugs in urine even if it was toilet water instead of urine).

The investigator (he will take all your money against a receipt and will offer to buy cigarettes and food and will let you off with a pack of Pegasus and a loaf (this is a standard trick with all prisoners).


Judges (real case: sentence of 15 years! lawyer -? Your Honor, the article is up to 12 ! judge (indifferent) …ah. …then 12!)

… that’s actually all I’ve written here not even 1% of what is desirable to know but life shows that people learn not from books and articles but from life situations…

PSS: if you do go to jail, sew your mouth up again, but that’s another story

And if you feel like you can’t get away with it, there’s a chance you could pass for insane. Imagine yourself as some sort of Jesus Christ in computer form (I hope for blasphemy I won’t get a blackout and pokemons won’t come out of P right away). Say that you at night invade the information space through the monitor and travels live to all corners of the network, if you find a burn or a scratch or scar boldly show and say that here’s the recent climb into the computer lamer Paty and was unable to break through to him through the monitor, or you bite computer worm. In general, talk nonsense. The same way you can say that at reincarnation the soul of Bill Gates should have gone to you, and it went to you, but you are Jesus Christ computer and old Bill is Satan, and you have to beat him in computer battle to protect the earth from universal destruction. Or say that you are Napoleon Bonoparte and are called to fight computer viruses for the good of all your followers living on Earth.

Ah yes, after you were released from the police station with a beating, immediately to the prosecutor’s office with a statement about the lawlessness of cops-***ed off in the department, took away money (a lot of money), threatened to kill if I tell type. Immediately to the PMC will register the material on robbery. Of course, they will report the robbery, maybe they will leave bodily harm, but it will take a long time and they will definitely leave you alone.


For now, the only idea is to say no, not to sign the protocol, not to take the bags with drugs in their hands!!! hmm… if they found in the jacket, write that they found the jacket. you did not go into the pockets. let them prove that this is not true. according to the idea, the law, without your confession in this situation is not enough. guilty is not proven.

kay jewelers cc

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