The reasons for blocking are different, let’s look at the main ones:

1. Attestat alias or formal attestat, blocked to obtain a personal attestat. The reason for blocking WebMoney, as well as any payment system is struggling with money laundering through their service, so they are against anonymity. Theoretically you can work without a personal certificate, but it’s a matter of time, and agree will be unpleasant when a large sum of money, block your purse, and data will be on some Luke Skywalker, and will have almost a month to bother, to get a personal certificate, so try to get it in advance.

2. Using several WMID on one computer. The reason for blocking If you are an honest user, why do you need several WMIDs on your computer? That is the reason why you will be blocked. If you have personal WMID certificates the risk of blocking is close to zero. In the case of something you can always say that of all your friends you have a normal Internet and your friends use it to work with their accounts.

3. claim and lawsuit to your WMID. I think the reason for blocking is clear. Sometimes the keeper is blocked by the rivals. Many people start to make a lot of mistakes and get hysterical. Do not worry, if you have been blocked not for a reason, try to explain it to the arbitrage. They are real people, they don’t know you, so they will rely on facts. Here, be ready, as in court, to give arguments, not in the language of the streets, but in the official style. If you are sure that you are not at fault, you can count on the claims being removed.

4. Dirt Reason of blocking Drainage of money stolen from someone to your WMID. To the dirt can also include transfer, the note which will be specified for heroin or child porn. In the case of the note, the problem is solvable in principle, again, through arbitration. But in the case of stolen money coming to you, the situation is a little worse, since you will most likely have to explain how the money came to you. If you really didn’t know anything about it, explain that you did the design or sell ICQ numbers. A purse you are likely to block for a long time, since it will be made proceedings, in this case, I advise to contact the victim, and to resolve the matter amicably. It is possible to return part of the money, perhaps the entire amount, it depends on how you agree


That’s all for now, the article will be updated and new points will be added, everything is ahead


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