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Carding from scratch!

So, you tired of toiling for the state, and you decided to earn on the Internet an illegal way, namely carding. But how to start a business if you have $0.00 on your wallet? I think this question stands at the forefront almost all beginners who gathered to start carding. Below I will give examples how you can earn money from scratch, but a guarantee that you will succeed, of course, I can’t!


Let’s say you’re good at hacking and have some hacking skills! If that’s the case, you won’t have a hard time making a little money! Of course, this is not related to carding, but we need any evil capital to start with (just not with hacking). I.e. you hack into various sites and sell them to interested parties! Now sites with good traffic and on biz. themes are very valuable, and I think there will be many buyers for such goods!


So, you know a man who has a bunch of drops, and he breeds them himself. We knock to this man and offer cooperation, ie offer to find him fillers, and agree to a specific fee! If he agrees with you, you become like his partner, and you drop a purse kopeck But I will say that zalivschiki not like when they talk to mediators, so I advise to warn people and explain him that you are cooperating with droppovodchikom.


Suppose you have an old trojan and you have a couple of sites with decent traffic! Saiman said: Put the troj and the sploit on the bourgeois site and catch the logs with two hands, and the one who has more hands catches more.) (You can not fill. Just put iframe) You may ask why I did not say about Sploit? Because now it is not a problem to find Sploit. True, it will catch all sorts of antivirus, but not all bourgeois worth antivirus Well, after obtaining the logs – sell them in ONE hand or use themselves akki for their dirty and barbaric purposes


Let’s go to the factory and work in the sweat! But I don’t think that will work for anyone =)


Here we get to the bad coders! Suppose you are good at various programming languages and have experience in writing various malware. Climb the site devoted to carding and offer it services to write quarantines, spies, etc., etc. After such a post you at least will get a dozen people! Price nabivayte small, because you have not insinuated themselves as a steep coder-seller. After you successfully write and sell the product, you’ll have some kale


Stop stuttering, I think if a man wants to make money – he earns it!

P.S All information is for educational purposes and is not a guide for young carders

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