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I’ve been interested in this topic for a long time, I’ve read over various books, listened to different “carders” who on the contrary complicate everything and powder everybody’s brains instead of telling straight and simple what and how it works and what the main problem is.

I’ve learned from experience, and I want to share.

Main carding problem = Billing address does not match the spiking address

Let’s keep it simple and give the meaning of carding such; bypass this problem!

How to solve it:

1. Look for sites that send to different addresses (when the beat and spike are different) This is what most people do.

2. Look for sites that do not check bil info. There arealmost no such sites left, but you can try to order a pizza. 3. Change the billing address to your own shipment. The ideal option, well, the problem is that it is difficult to find a foulki with which you can change everything without problems and the card will stay alive.

4. Buy via paypal. There are many sites that use paypal to only accept payment, not to check if billing = shipping. I.e. you put a shipping on the site, put a billing on the poker and it works. The problem is it’s hard to have paypal skip when the amount is over $250.

5. Find the foulki with the address next to you, pose for a real billing address and meet the mailman at the door. Doggy running work, I have not tried it myself, but in theory it should work. If you order a Rolex, why not run. 6. Buy a virtual gift card with a real billing address. Then pay with it when you place an order for your own shipping.) It works. The easiest option.

7. The method is called “look for a sucker”. Pay with a billing address and send to the billing address. Then call/email you say you have the wrong address (because you moved or you will not be home, went on vacation/etc.) and ask to send to the other address (after you have already paid).

Here are my 7 ways of solving the main problem in carding, which only through experience I figured out.

I wish this article was helpful for you so you could order a Rolex, iPhone or just a new shirt.

Of course there are many other ways which are not in this list if you do not feel sorry, add them so that together we grow in knowledge and do not waste our lives on trial and error.

cvv shop su

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