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Today a relatively young payment system called CashPayWay has come into our field of vision. This EPS comes from Germany, the owner of this project is BestPayWay company. Officially the project was started in March of 2006, but according to the system it was launched in Germany, Austria and Hungary. All operations in system are carried out by means of e-mail, that is as number of the account, the e-mail address of the user acts.

I think you may have such a natural question: Why should we consider this payment system at all? It is very simple, firstly, this payment system claims to be international and secondly, CashPayWay promises bonus for registration in amount of ? 25. Of course you will say: Believe more! and you will be absolutely right, you can give 99% of 100 that this EPS will not credit any bonus, and even if it is credited, they still will not be able to withdraw.

So, I still suggest you to consider German EPS CashPayWay in order to find out whether it can be useful for domestic user. So, let’s start our journey from the start page. Here we see a pretty nice, but at the same time heavy to load banner. It should be mentioned right away that the website of the EPS is entirely in German.

Click on the unremarkable Registrieren link in the footer. You will be taken to the registration page. The registration process consists of two basic steps:

1.Fill in the form (see fig.1), here we are asked to specify the type of account to be created (Privatkonto/ Geschdftskonto), as well as the country of your residence and (by the way, the list of countries includes Russia), and the language (you can choose between German, English and French). Fill in this form and click on Weiter


2. At the second step we are asked to specify our contact data (see fig.2).We fill in this form, click on Hier klicken fьr die Registrierung. In a few seconds we receive notification by e-mail that we are registered in CashPayWay.

Now it is time to visit your account, click on the link Kundenlogin and enter your e-mail and password on the page that appears. Admittedly, I was a bit confused by the look of the account: there is no graphical design, no menu navigation and other attributes typical for normal website. Also I noticed very interesting thing: connection is made by usual, unprotected http-protocol and connection with site is made through IP, by unusual domain name, i.e. site address was shown to me as Pretty interesting facts, aren’t they?

Still, back to our account: the only thing we can learn here is that we have 3 types of accounts in the system:

1. Verfugungskonto – the account from which you dispose of the money. 2. Gebuhrenkonto – as I understand it is the account to which you receive money.

Aktienkonto is a share account (you can invest your money into the project shares through this account). In the field next to the inscription Gebuhrenkonto I saw a value of 25,00 Euro which may be the promised bonus money. Clicking on link Details on this page there is a kind of statistics, where we can see that 15.05.06 we got a transfer from the system for ? 25. Now there is a question how to withdraw this money?

Here the system doesn’t give us any options. The only thing you can do is put your money into a Shared Account and receive dividends, but what good is it if the money cannot be withdrawn?

After communicating with the administration of the project through the electronic translator we found out that the system is under development and also it is planned to implement such deposit/withdrawal methods as Moneybookers, PayPal, as well as bank transfers for residents of the countries where the system will be represented.

To summarize: in practice EPS CashPayWay turned out to be another payment system, launched ahead of schedule, with all the ensuing consequences and deficiencies.


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