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Includes: Checking the skimmer (reader) itself, checking the camera or pinpad, checking the data received from the skim (integrity of dumps or binary), checking PIN fixing on the pinpad or camera, technical and emotional preparation of yourself and people involved in the installation process, test installations and shoots in conditions close to combat. I.e. if you are going to set up a skimmer in -20°C, but you walk around and check its work when it is 5°C outside, there is only hope for your luck. It’s the same with people, do you want to teach them how to set up a device properly and quietly? Then bring it in the daytime to the place with the highest traffic and make him just stand near ATM for 2, or better yet 10-15 minutes while people walk behind him. You can film the whole thing from the back on camera and show the man that for all the time you’ve been grating there, no one has even looked back. The main thing to understand is that if you behave naturally and accurately, no one gives a fuck! You have to understand that those people on the street, they’re off the hook, to put it mildly. Just like you do not care about the work of utilities and you mostly do not give a fuck that at some neighboring house hangs a meter long icicles until June. Also be sure to do 2-3 test installations. So that you understand exactly how and where the device fits, what to mount it on, how to put the person that covers you, etc.

Site selection.

This has already been written about before me, so I will not describe much. Let’s say you came to the city, combed it far and wide and are sure that there are 5 places and there’s nowhere else to put it. Now how many places do you know in your hometown? I doubt that lessSo always need to look at the city based on ATM locators and other reference resources. Because a lot of ATMs put on the principle not how to see it from the road and tinted cherry nine at 140km/h, and how will be more convenient for residents and walkers among the surrounding neighborhoods. Let’s say there’s a small walkable street in the neighborhood with a few shops and cafes, there’s probably a few ATMs there, but since you were in a car, and the street is walkable, there’s no thought of pulling in there. I’ve never done a 1-2 day setup, so I can’t tell you anything about it. In my practice the optimal setting is the time interval from the calm before any flow (evening, lunchtime, etc.) to the passage of 1-5 hours. Ie choose ATM and look when it has the largest gathering of people. We record the traffic per minute at certain time intervals.

Put the skimmer on.

We’ve decided on the location, let’s go to the set-up. It is necessary to arrive approximately half an hour before the beginning of performance. During this time to check and prepare equipment, camouflage and smoke 1-2 packs of cigarettes on paranoia)))) joke. When setting up the device and associated equipment, someone should cover from the back and cover the stage at the ATM. In parallel, reminding of any finger-pointing or other situations. Those wondering how long it takes to set up, then it all depends on the equipment. If you are a regular slotted camera flash skimmer without housing (which is tough palevnom!) Then you can fit in 15-20 seconds. But keep in mind that after placing the device you should check whether the keys on the pinpad are well pressed, firmly seated, visible camera and the input/output of the card, if nothing prevents it. If it shifts, you can fuck your device up because it’s falling off in the hands of the Holder)). Fasten it with double-sided adhesive tape or double-sided tape. Here you must also test everything, which is stronger and under what conditions holds, preferably the strength of fastening checked at night on ATMs, because at night there is less fingerprints, higher humidity and lower temperature. I.e. conditions are set initially slightly above the requirements for fastening. The lower the temperature, the harder the adhesive tape hardens, here we recommend either not to work at all or add glue, again checking it all at ATMs. SoWe go up, 1 covered, 1 put in, check, back out.Next we sit down to observe.

Or we do not observe, but we will shoot with a friendly company of collectors and cops)))) The point of surveillance is to foresee: Leftovers by the holder and the consequences Leftovers by bank employees or cops The device fell off =))) (nothing funny, it really happens) ATM went into service mode or cache ran out

The place of the surveillance day should be chosen so that, in case of a device tampering, one could remain uninvolved, i.e. the observer stands aside and as if has nothing to do with skimming in case of tampering. He should check people near the ATM and in the area for any suspicious activity. This will help you decide whether you should withdraw the device or it was withdrawn before you. Surveillance must be done from a natural position, i.e. for example walking in circles around cars is insane, but reading the newspaper or just sitting in a car is more natural. Again you need to keep an eye on CCTV cameras so as not to burn your license plate number and your face. Now let’s imagine that the equipment has been spotted or removed by a Holder. Here on the situation, but you can take it away from him or remove it with him (if still on ATM), I think for the cost of equipment you can once see the fucking eyes of the Holder or a passer-by, but you do not need to risk your safety, so the degree of incrimination and your forces assess by the situation.

Let’s assume that we put up, defend, and withdraw. Now cashing out, there are two variants: to fill up or to give for cashing out. Before you do other things, you should make sure that 100% of all dumps and pins are synchronized, because sometimes you may have inserted card and did not enter anything or skimmed the dumps. Otherwise you may create unnecessary headache for distributor or yourself. If you still decided to infuse, then here are a couple of nuances of my writings, because all of the forum and so obsesosanoAadvice infuse at night, t.k. probability that will notice the loss and turn to the bank immediately is much lower, ie card zhirat not will. Also, the bins look that for the bank, if you fill in the bank ATM issuer is unlikely that you can not see the balance, and fill in the blind is more difficult, but in this case, all the action the bank to find the fact of the installation will be delayed, because when considering the Holder claims will need each time to make a request to the bank that owns the ATM to get video or other information.

Regarding the 201 debit. You just need to find an ATM that doesn’t read chips. Specific model I have not seen, but I know that the chip reader in the ATM can be installed separately, as components, ie potchi any ATM can be the same, the last time I poured on WinCore small bank, I assumed that he poured 201, since such a bank will not have chips for a long time, and ATMs are old, ie nobody gives a fuck about chips.

In general, I have not written much, because I am tired and much has been said before me. All of the above is not considered the truth, but only taken from my experience. Will continue. I will be glad to discuss and dispute anything you like.

(С) /Montana

cc buy for carding

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