CC Shops, a review of the outgoing 2018″ non vbv cc shop

Pre-New Year’s Eve. Dear Ink, and moderators, please do not ban me for my style of notification, in honor of the pre-New Year, because I communicate this way, and want to do good for our forum, if anything is wrong on my part, please correct me, not to ban me, and do not consider me inadequate.

Hi guys. Anyway, I want to say right away, I am the same as you and posting this top, I was not bought by any shop or given any bonuses or nits for it. I as you could see from my post stats write little but always on fact. And I will post my opinion, my experience, and my Phi and Pros, about what’s going on at the moment in terms of material for our work


Yes, there came a time when the shop hta stalled, and resellers from the shop, went elsewhere, and even there were times when you could safely take the ss, go to the shop, into service, get a coin, and it seemed that life gets better, this is the moment when it is time to make money, when the feeling is, That moment when it’s time to make dough, when that feeling of grabbing fate by the balls and you can take your time, enjoy making dough, and rejoice that we got into the field of carding has unfortunately passed . But times change, services die, dreams, hopes, themes, and a rosy picture of a good and pussy future goes into oblivion, and to the dog penis. And the beginning of a new chapter

For today, all the sadder sadness, and wants to howl like a hungry wolf on the moon, when we all have found their topic or shop or service, and to sum up his TOTAL, just need a mat, to finish his worked scheme, but not there, because today, things are not so bad, especially with a mat.

To begin, I want to raise awareness (this is an informational explanation, teaching the basics or anything new, not about lesibianok), that all the shops are not what you think. I explain it by the fact that reading many topics about the sale of the ss, people are either angry or indignant, what you sell us mate, and what the fuck is going on

For starters. All shops ss, absolutely all, it’s not 1 person, which he alias hacker, he alias administrator, he alias seller, he alias everything Shop ss, it’s a platform, on which 2 kinds of activity are realized, it’s buying, and it’s selling. And we all, as mature and intelligent people, should understand that a shop is a whole team, and sometimes a brigade, in which an N-th number of people work, for its existence.

Shop on the sale of ss is divided, as I said above, into 2 channels, this customer part, and the dealer part. If you think that the next shop for selling cc, itself plums cc, has broken some gateway, and itself realizes the material, then you are deeply mistaken.

Why am I writing all this? Just need you to just swallow this point, put it in your head, so that in the future, this information, in this top, will be useful for you. Please remember this point, in the future, in this top, I’ll tell you a little info about how to card and spend only on good mate


So, defined, in simple words, all cc shops today, roughly speaking, invite cc sellers, hackers, those who have the knowledge how to merge the cc base, so that they can sell their material through the platform shop. Shoal further

As I wrote above, all shops that are presented to us on the market are just panels for reselling bases. I.e., shop invites sellers and hackers to its shop, provide them with a separate sellers profile, and then they have a function to add CC, set price, name of the base, etc.


As you know, there are sellers with integrity, and there are cunts who should be put down for life. One dealer can be registered in more than one shop (I think it’s clear to everyone, right?)

One selder uploaded his ss to only one shop, and the other to all, and somewhere bought ss, entered, and on the second shop it hangs, like and valid, or from the base noref, and you get slag.

First rule . Don’t believe anyone but your mat tests. Don’t fall for the names of the bases, super-mega-fucking-valid-mom swear. Always think with your head, not your liver. We’re carders, not some dumb school kids who were given some cache for us to flush down on dead stuff, looking for a better life and themes. Second, always write down from what base you take the cache. Name base, what kind of features base (for example, often in a base of your bin, or specific base, loaded there only eu cc, or only yus and only chase as an example, or yus has a certain state, or BA, because if snifak for example hangs on a small or medium shop or a Colorado, he has half the base will be Colorado cc, and it will be from sniffer, and not generated or merged their hands or other place, in prostarogople called a doggy heres)


What does that tell you? And why the fuck do we need this info, you ask? The fact is that your task, since you did not go to a mega private seller or shop to take his mate first hand, your task is to find a decent hacker-seller and shop, through which the data people download their bases ss


The differences I told you. From one base a couple of ss took, tested, if the slag signed the slag do not take here, the base name so-and-so, copied the name of the base, from the second, and so on. As the base with the good cops over, wait, your precious dealer will upload in the next month, or a week, or days I hgn, but each seller has its own peculiarity progrozaza bases, and most coppers, the seller can put the name bases, number, approximate validity of mat, this small sign of just one can pierce, that this is he loaded, and not another. in other stores written at once, even the nickname of the seller. These simple tips, will give you a basis for your purchases, and tests ss in your topics.

For myself honestly, I found today, only 3 shops, where you can periodically shopped material, on the grounds that I described above. Well, let’s look at their pros and cons, as well as some additions on my part.

1. CVV.ME aka svvmi, here is their top with ads

First, let’s talk about the shop. Shop itself is an old man, he started when other shops, thought but how to raise the coin, not to torture us shop ss. A lot of reading in their top, both positive and negative feedback, but I will tell you this. It’s all wrong. Why? I gave advice above on how to choose a decent mate, and svvmi is no exception to that. There was a time when unscrupulous sellers got into the shop, and I personally know this situation, and the admin of the shop, weeded out these idiots, left the normal people. Yes people write, say, here I bought a nooref, no fucking nooref invalid, or there ss valid, but no phone number. I will say this, when you work on the bins worked, just follow my advice to sift the cs, find your own, on the bins, take a test of 1-2 cs, if it goes, rivet this base further, as long as your greed and your wallet allows.

And let me say this, for 2-3 cc do not judge cc, it happens that the base was shed from snifak, as written in the name of the base, but it starts picking up, and after a week the base is dying, with it nihuyu not do, in this no one to blame. It’s just the realities of the 21st century, the realities of antifraud shops.

Personally, I take in this shop by 7-10 cc, my bins, and I will say I chose which bases to take, how to parse the base, who buys what base, and other nuances. Just in the same shop sell csn dobro for sticks and tax refundchik, sometimes I or my kents take to sticks, well come under the BML, or shops where buy now pay later, advised, good plush. Also good base ss no ss, I take sometimes kents for amazon, goes well. Also, good base without sws, and sometimes I take it for my clients from amazon.

It’s ok to choose without any hurry, because few people use them without sws, and you can bravely sit and parse by your own crietrics.

So, the pros of this shop:

old guys, there is more to say, some shops raised, others Offali, closed, these are always afloat, these dinosaurs selling ss. Sap shop, one of the few, even for the sake of a joke (or just to show, serious, check the top and the auction, while few shops do so) confirmed the theory the deposit on the ak on the air. what would not write some memebers for Saport, pomez no answer, or ignore, I hz always with any dick, immediately write to Sap, he solves, I write is always about the case, I do not write hello how are you? here? here? will you unsubscribe? hey bro!!!, I write the facts, this and that, took, did not go, decide, and sap, which is almost always online, always helped me to solve this or that issue ( By the way, if read the admins shop, wish ambassador wages, directly proportional to my review, respect guy). Very large cc base, sample bins, adequate engine, and search cc, very easy to search, watch, work, the engine never lags, no bullshit like a ban for buying 10 cc, or check them, or parse cc by their characteristics. Take as many as you want. Well and as I said above, the admin cleaned up the mata unscrupulous sellers, and now you can find more or less adequate stuff for today 2018. eu ss always I have popped in my links price ss = quality, flight normal, do not bend for uss ss for 15-20 bacha as cum shops ( let’s not point fingers )

Now for the cons


In the exposed bases does not show whether there is a phone number or not (and it’s fucked, because sometimes you need the phone, although you can google it, but still want to buy, and get all the information at once)

Sometimes nooref is bullshit, better put such bases in simple, so customers buy in, and if not included, check, and in case of non-valid get a refund.

sometimes wrong format, the one that is exhibited, and that bought, where indicated one gets another info (but today I checked, like guys update the script, modified the script itself, the log itself buying cc, and where bugs were, the display state instead of the city, is now correct, and the city is also written as it is in the data cc, for this respect)


To sum up. Buying in the shop can and should be, most importantly, approach the matter with caution.

There’s a great selection, and it’s constantly being updated.

I wish you guys stay in the market as you have been doing for years and not do the paid regs like other fucking shops

2. Fe-shop his topical

On the fly! Admin is adequate, you can solve, sap that works for them, also not a narc, adequately solves everything. Their problem is that they have the same disadvantages and problems as svvmy, read above.

Sometimes I want to fuckin’ fill up the guys from my themes at the end of the month a couple of k, sometimes I want to curse, but we are adequate, it’s all the nuances of work, and I understand that the service is respected, but sometimes it is worth connecting brains to correctly, from the right base, the correct cc do their caches and fill in your topic.

Just like the shop in the review above, dinosaurs, from the time of the peliomelites, from the time of the turtles that ploughed through space and the okenai fanciful carders that were mere tadpoles.

I want to go straight to the pros and cons, so as not to be verbose (and if anyone likes my way tops, I can publish more, just tell me in the PM or here, and I will continue reviews, and whether it ss-shops or rpd-shops, or sticks, or dropsy).

So, let’s start with the pros, okay?

Adevatny sap, adequate support. always a large number of bases for choice different prices, old base, and the new, you can choose, you want to take a chance on the new, pay, no coin, take from old, but the bases in fact, too, nothing, just they have left, and are not sold out ( and this is not bad, just happens so, but re-read my messages about snifak and bases, make a conclusion). engine yes, the engine solves the feh shop, as well as svvmy gives comfort for work (and we carders are very lazy people, well its the fuck to search for any databases, check staff, zip, bin, when everything is ready, and bought bought entered the profit).

On validity, and bases, judge in my trash beginning, it is a secret, and I think if you are not full autistic, you have understood that on your bins, bases, states, banks, you can choose where to work ( at the end of review I will write off for this business with your permission, nuances as though to tell ).

And now the cons: -Sellers oh already these people. I have to wait for the dealer to buy everything from him, but someone is always ahead and I get only part of it. Everyone wants to chip away at the horn, and I do not blame the shop, or people who are more nimble, you always motivate to be in good shape. Checker sometimes fucks up. Sometimes well how can I say I am not a fan of check cs after the purchase, but it’s a fucking brain dump, I can throw up prufy where a non-valid cs, gave validity, and where killed in your opinion cs, it turns out really valid and linked, well, for example in google, or usps. Just a note to put, if you shop, use the trumpet, put something when the check, the amount of less, and maybe the checker keels I don’t know.

Same eggs, side by side. It’s all bullshit about the bases of huid valid, low valid, nooref, super mega valid, old bays, let me tell you, there are great ss everywhere, and there are dicks everywhere, and it doesn’t depend on you, just the names sometimes troll us and you.Always work on bins, and you will be happy.


Opinion: Shop can and should be used, old guys, the team in the adkekvate, did not catch a star, but guys, go around your sellers, sometimes not the right compot. Just noticed ( well, this is in the past) that sellers bring you and the other shop, but do not need explanations, they say the base could get so, nah, this is not the base, and the dealer that you guys cheats, puts the same cp in other shops. In general, you are a good shop to work with, just be meaner to the sellers you work with


Well? As they say in Odessa and we’ll be together.

So. For the seed, here’s their top

On the move and on the track. Continental. Adevkatny guy, all solves everything, all tries, but lately, starts chasing Monopolization instead of the client is always right the client is always good To be honest, I know guys long ago who remember Zeon, they just started, and the guys from Valid picked up the theme, bought the script, the engine from them, and began to develop, unlike Zeon, guys are still afloat, and those ripachie have died ( like torus curmudgeons). When writing this shop review, I had both an angel and a demon on my shoulder. Angel whispered yes cool shop, write what guys they are, but diablo whispered bitch, was good, only as a joker took and riddled, fuck them.

I have a question in the top immediately to the admin part? Why when there is a wave you are for clients, when it’s doldrums you have nothing?

Well I’m doing a review, and I’m vanguard, there’ll be messages that I’m a bought goat, I’ll redo the question, I’ll ask it like this: Guys, why are you fucking around? You’re normal with the shop. Why are you trying to make high on fools, from closed registrations, to auto bans clients who buy from you? You first grow up on the level of ht, make nouref bases that are hit 9 out of 10, then let’s play this thing.

And the fact. Shop is good, I know admin for a long time, long ago, when some forums ( I do not want to give an example here, because they think that advertising, although they are dead), started their career, and this shop, one of the few that took, bought the movement ss shop, began to develop.

Let’s talk about the pros of this shop. -First, is the choice, well, yes, there is no arguments, guys always have a choice, but the minuses will tell you about this nuance (just read below) -Cents. Price democratic. They do not bend prices on eu c, or us c, as some shops (working about a franchise, I think you know who I mean, and they read it and understand, fuck you with their us c for 20 bucks and a generated pass). -Division of bases, prices, a very critical moment in the choice, especially when you test new themes, guys have given us the choice, you want to test? Here’s a bases where eu and uss for 1-3 bucks, shoot, if gud, come back, take it from the normal bases, with a high valide.

Let’s review the MINUSES: The first evil minus is the engine!!!!!!!! Guys, well I read your top aha, do not like it, do not take it from us. Well, I want to tell you are not you fucked up? We give you money, maybe since late 14 when you bought the engine from zeon, at least upgrade it? It is impossible to choose the states, by their criteria ss , guys, the time of 2010 is over when the agenda was valid ss, good drop, and a link to the shop, and good luck, that time is over, guys work on pickup, under reroute, make somehow your engine to be able to sift ss, by their criteria.

Checker is fucked up. Yes it is, take the ss, check (although it is not my policy to check the ss after purchase, but for the test was done). Check get DIE,… Take a friend ss, check, get LIVE. Next, google, connect with google, connect with DIE, she linkeetsya, connect with dead in USPS, where instatom snapshot with 1$? We hit it with 200 hundred and it is connected to shop, where we get instantly shot. We take a livestock, according to your checker, we enter at once, dick, dick checks on the hard check. google doesn’t link at all, because it’s the dead thing of last year.

Autobahn for multiple ss purchases and their check… It’s the 21st century, guys. What’s up? How do you feel? With cc shops that give a couple of minutes to check, read cheating, where you buy cc, have time to enter, then in the section freebies or in a chat skid, and she lock, and you do auto ref. I’ll tell you, it’s all provocation and sick

It’s impossible to just kill cc, and I don’t think anyone who decided to do this in your country will spend enough money to go to the ban for the sake of 1-3 cc and get nothing…

Wrote, Continental do review, just look, all shops responded, one he did not read (well, my opinion, caught a star as a joker, or maybe I’m wrong and Continental just drunk, and does not read the December messages in the PM)


Okay, guys. I did a review of ss shops. Some will say, where are the other shops? Let me put it this way. Some were at the top, but PR, advertising, customer traffic, bogged their attitude to the material, and to our work (and we do not need it?) Other shops, just wanted to considerb, one presented on the forum, and ho ho good shops, but they do not have enough cc to work, yes cc valid, but gone time of the 20th century, where random took cc, entered, got the profit, now we need cc not only on the bin, but also who works on pickup, as well radius. So, you guys are just as good, just as valide pleases, but your bases by 3-6 k ss in the shop, not pleases.

Shops zbs, small, but I’ll say immediately your plus and immediately minus: plus -validoy cool, bases with sniffer you, and they are cool to be hammered -your bases are very small, in the sense that there is little choice to buy, and no matter how high valide they were, when you work on pickup, or on bins, you do not have them forever.

Bottom line, the rest are not bad either, some are even better than in the review, but guys, this is not serious, with 5-8k ss in bases coming to market. Once again I emphasize, the time has passed when you took eu ss, went in as bil=ship, or took yusa ss with a bin of platinum signatures, and it gave No! Fuck no. The timing of this has been a train wreck on our ogres. Now it’s the bin, state, ba emit that matters, but not the high validity of a base where only a couple of banks are provided.

Well I and I have a review of ss-shops provided on this forum (not to advertise private ss-sellers, or left-wing shops) as they say maemo that maemo,

There’s also one ss shop that wasn’t in the review, it’s unic, yes it’s true. I want to say, just because I didn’t include it in the review, that doesn’t mean it’s some kind of crappy, or chippy. No. excellent shop, and I do not get bonuses for these words, shop admin will confirm, but like joker, you guys are for**** us carders, their struggle, their reklma, their benefits, one man, advertised, all zbs, regaled people, positioned, that he merges with the team s, but the last 3 months, you guys have shit, not mate, Rags and others, they are talking about sevris sox, if they were normal, they would not be sitting on two chairs, the sox service is not about anything, make sure the dealers pour bases to you, sometimes you take 10-20 sox and then take the same amount of sox in a week and everything is shit


In general, this review, first, does not call you to buy in shops, which I have voiced here, and as the author of the topic, does not call to think in terms of the masses, I just call you to the fact that, for today, you have to be smarter, smarter, faster and more cunning. I liked one guy here from the forum, he always writes a top ss-shops question, about updating bases, and he is pleasant to me because I feel that he is just working with brains as I do. And if you have stopped at one of the ss shops, or take random ss, or take each 1-2 ss, then write a negative review, sorry, but you are not a carder, and not a thief, you are just autistic. I don’t want to offend anyone, but your place on vvh, learn how to hit on public logs, and take stuff from imaginary sellers.

Well I hope that here sit sade adequate memebers (for the forum is also like a dinosaur and a kit carding), therefore, all wish a good luck, suit, successful beatings, serious topics, and good caches. Well who the deer and a fan of seventh day vvh, just throw shit at me in this top. My opinion, it’s not the opinion of the majority, it’s the result on bitcoin of the units who sit and work and don’t give a shit.

Happy New Year to everyone. my apologies to those who are offended.

p.p.s Well and finally, all the brothers, all the carders, think with your head, brains, work, develop, do not be vegetables and deer, no one will not come for you will not do your job. Find a way out of the cul-de-sac, even if it seems to you that a cul-de-sac is the bottom, and there is no way out. The fact is, it’s just a selection, it’s evolution, follow even my simple advice in this top, and you’ll be a little bit, at least on the order of a bit, happier and more profitable. Peace all

non vbv cc shop

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