Our useful service will be of interest to everyone who sends goods by white labs!

Produce white labels by destination: USPS: US US USPS: international (in RU) Cost: 90% of the price of any white label service. Cost is always lower than any service.

Ordering and receiving a label in 3 steps and will take no more than 3 minutes:

Knock sapa contacts to toad or cart

Fill in the form with data about your label Receive the finished label pay by the fact of receiving the label The price for the label will be finally known after the creation of the label

We guarantee the crystal purity of our labels.

Anyone who is useful and relevant velkam in LPS or contacts of the topic, sap operates 16 hours a day and will take all comers!

PS: during caliper working hours, label making will take 15 to 30 minutes!


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