Configuring Computer Security(2012)”

And so, it was a Sunday evening, there was nothing to do. My eyes fell upon this topic Setting up computer security and the fact that many people are asking me to re-post the article, update links and so on. That’s why I decided to help the needy I won’t discover anything new here, but I hope it will help some people.

There are many ways of setting up a machine for work, I will tell you how it is done in my case. First, I recommend creating a container in a crypto file on the hard drive, where we will store everything that concerns the work. Better yet, take a portable USB hard drive and crypt it. We encrypt with TrueCrypt. How to encrypt with this program is a separate article, which loads on the Internet(EXAMPLE 1, EXAMPLE 2). So I won’t describe the process here.

Scrippled. Great. We mantle the container and now we have it as a local disk. Now we will store everything that is directly related to our work in our container. All our browsers, programs, jabber/icq clients are stored in the container and download the portable versions. I think I do not need to explain what a portable is. What is it for? All the cookies, history, logs, etc. will also be stored in a container, which is encrypted and not on the host system.

Direct encryption of correspondence in jabber. Jabber PSI GnuPG in pictures! Many thanks for the article Dr.Samuil

Now the work itself, setting up the system. We are going to work from the virtual machine. Download VirtualBox (also portable, don’t forget). Drop it into a container, too. Launch. Immediately go to the tab File Properties, select a folder for the machine stack in our container (a local drive after we mounted it). Download Windows ENG(or whatever you need) without any bells and whistles the easiest and smallest in size, we the same to work I personally downloaded myself XP-eng 600mb. Installing and configuring VirtualBox

Now we have a virtual system to work with. Here we go. And in the virtual system you can install vpn client, proxyfier, firefox ,сleaner and whatever else you need. I had a problem with OpenVPN not working on my system, because it was using VPN-pppoe, everything was solved through virtualization, maybe someone will also face with this. As for ProxyFier, I prefer version 2.91 to the latest one. What would DNS be determined by sox and not yours or VPN. Go to OptionsName Resolution tab, Resolve Hostnames put Remotely. For FireFox I suggest to download User Agent RG addon to change the useragent for your browser or User Agent Switcher if you want to change something in the headers in addition to make the system as a Holder system for example.

PS Don’t forget to unmount the container and make a safe extraction (if you have USB) before logging off the computer’s main system.

Remember, if they want to find you badly, they will find you sooner or later in any case


Софт: TrueCrypt 7.1a Rus Portable VirtualBox Final Portable FireFox 16.0.1 Final Portable Rus OpenVPN 2.2.2 Proxifier 2.91 Portable CCleaner v3.23.1823 Portable

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