Configuring Tor Browser for 100% anonymity according to WHOER.NET”

It’s no secret that Tor Browser is a great way to anonymize yourself from the Internet. TOR BROWSER is another version of Forefox, but it’s been updated already . It’s essentially a free browser, set up to be anonymous on the web!

But in all this there is a disadvantage, Tor Browser forces us to work only with TOR-proxies, and this is not always convenient because Internet services stumble and block TOR users.

Basically, in this article we are going to hack Tor Browser and turn it into Forefox to work with SSH


Download TOR BROWSER from official site.

Install (installed as a portable version) For the sake of curiosity let’s look at WHOER.NET

As you can see the picture is not very good with this IP it is difficult to register anywhere, and any of the paid services detract from you. Forcing either to constantly enter you captchas, or simply refuse you in registration or browsing these or those pages.

The first thing to do is to uncheck Remote DNS the second thing is to put a dot WITHOUT PROXY. click OK.

-Write a line about:addons go in and disable TorLauncher

-Write a line about:config

find browser.startup.homepage;about:tor change to browser.startup.homepage;about:home

find the value extensions.torbutton.test_enabled;true change extensions.torbutton.test_enabled;false

Everything! Now the browser works without a proxy. Further we will configure it to work with SSH. using SSH Tunnel Manager program as an example !!! (you can setup Bitvise or Plink.exe Proxifier for ssh tunnel) simple SSH Tunnel Manager includes in it all and you just configure it once and afterwards use it and easily move from server to server. Also SSH Tunnel Manager can work via TOR network


Download the program Download SSH Tunnel Manager Open ssh_list.txt in it we will see the ssh accounts as [emailprotected] write there yours with a clean IP. (If you don’t own SSH, the Internet is full of advertisements for selling: brute force accounts from $1 to $3, non-brute force accounts $10)

Open SSHManager.exe (make sure you have administrator rights) and find our SSH entry in the list.

Next, we need to connect the SSH Tunnel Manager with the browser we configured. Go to Options 1) check Proxify whait list only (this shows that only processes on the list will be proxied)

2) click and select the TorBrowser process (it’s named forefox.exe) 3) check the Show Firewall Panel (enable firewall panel) 4) close it!

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