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****************************** TRUE / FALSE 0 pid2 1302191085bD3jH0tU4xO5 TRUE / FALSE 0 sid1233 1302191085bD3jH0tU4xO5 TRUE /m2/bankofamerica FALSE 0 mboxPC 1302191078960-174401.17 TRUE /m2/bankofamerica FALSE 0 mboxSession 1302191078960-174401 www.bankofamerica.comFALSE / FALSE 0 CMAVID none FALSE/ FALSE 0 JSESSIONID 0000OPd1-T_ZxM9RxtkCdF_NxJN:15m36m8jo FALSE / FALSE 0 90010394_reset 1302191089 FALSE / FALSE 0 TestSess3 70201302191086025274579 FALSE / FALSE 0 CoreID6 70201302191086025274579 FALSE / FALSE 0 90010394_login 1302191080018461671490010394 TRUE / FALSE 0 NSC_CbolPgBnfsjdb 445b326f7852 TRUE / FALSE 0 cmTPSet Y TRUE / FALSE 0 throttle_value 23 TRUE / FALSE 0 TCID 0007af3e-bf7c-4958-967c-a97e0000001e TRUE / FALSE 0 LANG_COOKIE en_US TRUE / FALSE 0 INTL_LANG en_US TRUE / FALSE 0 CONTEXT en_US TRUE / FALSE 0 BOA_0020 20110407:0:O:bbdc18dc-6b42-408d-a2a8e06eae9a9a1b TRUE / FALSE 0 TLTUID DCCDBD92612D10619EFAE8E6682ACC6D TRUE / FALSE 0 TLTSID DCCDBD92612D10619EFAE8E6682ACC6D FALSE / FALSE 0 BIGipServerngen-www.80t910603947.20480.0000 TRUE / FALSE 0 id 22ada169180100a5||t=1302191085|et=730|cs=bsbqxt2l ***************************

Now let’s look at the cookies we get after LogOut from the bank account

If we remove from number 2 those cookies that are found in number 1, which have no relation to domain, and all sorts of offers, sofa, advertising (these types of advertising to remember what the bank offered you and what you refused) then we basically receive that, directly or indirectly related to the login to the bank-account. Namely in our case:

It’s less, isn’t it? Now we have to look at what exactly we are looking for. Login and state are entered on the main page of the bank looking for a cookie from the I think everyone’s already seen the state:

***************** TRUE / FALSE 0 state NC *****************

Login, which is often hidden in logs and shown as a fragment of text with asterisks, is also present here:

******************** TRUE / FALSE 0 olb_signin_prefill_multi mirv*****:04/07/2011 TRUE / TRUE 0 olb_signin_prefill_multi_secure mirv*****:82F69B23A23FDB230D26F20144A123C4F0BC5DFDA81DA0D6:04/07/2011 ********************

If you import these cookies on the homepage you only need to click the SignIn button. All the data will already be pulled from the cookie.

The page where the questions are asked is at the domain. That’s where the Passcode field is located, in other words, it’s in these cookies where we need to look for our workaround key. It is obvious that of all cookies of this domain the most probable information is stored in these:

**************************** FALSE / FALSE 0 cmRS t1=1302191193471t2=1302191194916t3=1302191226660t4=1302191189951fti=1302 191216251fn=OLBPRODUCTONLINE_BANKINGSITEKEY_verifyImageForm:0;ac=0:Sfd =0:6:passcode;uer=fu=/sas/verifyImage.dopi=OLB:PRODUCT:ONLINE_BANKING;SITEKEYho=sofa.bankofamer FALSE / TRUE 0 PMData PMV2AA0h5tuV2dV7QrEhxd3EeR2POjzyjCdFCHLhzRl 5ctMTuUzv80jaN/q5H4pQ0NELd/samzVQRMmjLLdK3lLoNUi3 nc16oYozaKUNg40xZnEcxF2CpjAFGGGOqwZmH0Ws FALSE / FALSE 0 GSLSESSIONID 0000czSDREPunLXopMfOaYSoOYN:13k5uooic ****************************

It has been experimentally established that only this one is of interest to us:

*************************** FALSE / TRUE 0 PMData PMV2AA0h5tuV2dV7QrEhxd3EeR2POjzyjCdFCHLhzRl 5ctMTuUzv80jaN/q5H4pQ0NELd/samzVQRMmjLLdK3lLoNUi3 nc16oYozaKUNg40xZnEcxF2CpjAFGGGOqwZmH0Ws ***************************

Summing up: When searching for BOA actors in the logs, you may encounter 2 problems lack of full ID and answers to questions. Having a set of cookies PMData and olb_signin_prefill_multi can safely bypass these troubles ?? You can do the same with other banks, just don’t blindly follow this plan… it’s just a sample. Use your brains and analyze. Good luck to everyone in this difficult business.

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